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Fresher Sounds - 16/01/17


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As we enter the third week of 2017, we're hit with Blue Monday - reportedly the most depressing day of the year.

Donald Trump is inaugurated on Friday, the weather's cold and shit, and it's exam season.

What isn't there to be salty about?

However, in the week that marked the one year anniversary of David Bowie's death, the music industry has churned out some tremendous tunes bound to banish those winter blues. 

Seramic - I Got You

Described as a song about “always having someone’s back even if you part ways”, Seramic’s new track ‘I Got You’ is an amalgamation of toe-tapping synths, a feel good chorus and strong husky vocals bound to get you dancing around your bedroom the second the play button is pressed. What better way to spend your Blue Monday?

Lewis Watson - Forever

Lose yourself in Lewis Watson’s ‘Forever’, another single released from his upcoming second album Midnight (out 3rd March). Anthemic in its atmosphere, lively in its lyrics yet deific in its delivery, this track perfect for kicking back to and beating those winter blues. The track is punchy and powerful but ever so slightly reminiscent of his well known ethereal sound, with layers of beautiful harmony set under the kick of the chorus.

Ella Vos - Down in Flames

LA girl-boss Ella Vos asks “do you dream about me?” on her third indie-pop single ‘Down In Flames’. Rightfully described as ‘otherworldly’, the deep yet cool and gentle electronic layers of the track transport the listener to a city’s downtown at dusk. All focus here is on her glittering vocal, but don’t be fooled by her delicate voice - this year is set to be huge for Ella, with her debut ‘White Noise’ already having hit the top spot on the Spotify viral charts and Hype Machine. Get on board now before she blows up.

Every Kid Knows - Dandelions & Valium

The celestial sound of Every Kid Knows’ ‘Dandelions & Valium’ is a peaceful and chilled out welcome to 2017. An obvious influence of John Lennon oozes through the track; an acoustic guitar sits behind aching vocals, spreading a message of hope. With synth guiding the melody and beautiful harmony only enhancing the heavenly voice of JT Johnstone, ‘Dandelions & Valium’ is doused in 70s tinted psychedelia.

Laura Marling - Wild Fire

Taken from her highly anticipated sixth album Semper Femina set to release on 10th March, Laura Marling’s newest track ‘Wild Fire’ explores femininity and identity against the delicate strums of an acoustic guitar. It’s an enriching folk number, originally written from a male’s perspective until Marling realised she did not need to pretend to be writing from a male’s point of view to justify anything she feels toward women be it empathy or intimacy. Saying “you want to get high? Overcome those desires before you come to me”, and “you can stop playing that shit out on me” she puts a lover in their place.

Rebekka Karijord - Home

Norwegian born Rebekka Karijord’s upcoming concept album Mother Tongue explores her entrance into motherhood following the premature birth of her first child. She explains ‘Home’, taken from said album released on 27th January, "is a love song about a co-dependent / symbiotic relationship, where the two parts are in an ebb and flow. Giving, taking, challenging and saving each other.” The delicate and quick notes of the piano sound similar to water droplets, which then introduce Karijord’s gorgeous voice as she expresses the emotions she felt after nearly losing her daughter only six months into pregnancy.

A Valley Son - In the Low Light of the Late Afternoon

Stepping away from the electro-pop dominating the music industry right now and obsession with aesthetic over substance, A Valley Son aim to focus on the core of their music: songwriting, emotion and musicianship. In the 'Low Light of the Late Afternoon' is taken from their upcoming debut EP, Sunset Park, and is a soulful rock and roll track with hints of roots-y americana and even gospel thrown into the mix.

Teen Daze ft. S. Carey - First Rain

“Much of my work is inspired by nature, and it’s scary to think that future generations may not have that same relationship.”

Set against a rainy soundscape, the ambient sound of ‘First Rain’ is perfect to listen to cosied up in bed as the water hits the window. With soothing vocals by S. Carey of Bon Iver, this ballad feels heaven sent and angelic - and with that a great, well executed jump from Teen Daze’s usual style of production.

The Wooden Sky - Swimming in Strange Waters

‘Swimming in Strange Waters’ is the title track from alt-rock quartet The Wooden Sky’s fifth album to be released on 7th April. The track and album as a whole explores the struggle and inability of coming to terms with trauma, and the desire to be able to understand the world. A lo-fi, grunge feel communicates the unclarity felt by lead singer Gavin Gardiner as he embarks on his quest of coming to term with the unknown.

LOYAL - Moving As One

Following the success of ‘Blue & The Green’ and ‘House For You’, “'Moving As One' is about the fighting/the loving/the fucking, being in the moment, letting instincts dictate actions and allowing the emotions that ordinarily make you nostalgic or hopeful turn to something instantaneous, explosive and fearless whether the fight is for a love, hope, or a new world it's about the actions not the thoughts that surround them.” A statement from the band themselves, nothing could describe this song better. A conglomeration of electronic beat, earthy vocal and complex layering and production, ‘Moving As One’ completes a perfect hat-trick for LOYAL.

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