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Fresher Sounds: Christmas Edition - 19/12/16


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If you’re bored of rocking around the Christmas tree to the same songs that have been playing for countless years, and if even the opening tune sends flashbacks to seemingly endless queues in busy shops, and a repetitive chorus triggers bad memories of alcohol induced times; then fear not, we have you covered.

In the spirit of Christmas, we present to you, this year’s latest festive-themed songs.

So new, that the lyrics haven’t been sang and dried out enough to make a Christmas cake yet.

Either drown your sorrows or lift the party spirit with these gifts from us, to you.


The Crookes – You Bring The Snow

The Crookes are just the gift that keep on giving with their annual festive track. This year’s offering, you can put on the centrepiece. As fizzy as the morning bubbly, and just as sweet, ‘You Bring The Snow’ feels timeless in its romantic lyricism and shimmering rise and falls. It’s even accompanied by a lovely home video.

Ginger George – Don’t Shave For Me Mrs Claus

Swim Deep’s Austin Williams has created a new alter-ego this winter. The debut single from his new EP, aptly titled Baby, It’s War Outside, Ginger George has a slight swagger in his vocal that delivers quick wit, waltzer sharp. Ultimately, it’s a roundabout feminist anthem, with the title building a glistening hook. It’s just one of four Christmas tracks released, another sees him spending the holidays at ‘Spoons.

Jacob Douglas - The Grinch Is Coming

Stockholm had better watch out, they’d better not cry… yeah you get it. The Grinch is coming according to their artist, Jacob Douglas. Though he seems pretty upbeat about it, with a swinging rhythm and an electronic lift, the cautionary tale has a folksy core to unwrap.

Big Top Heartbreak – Christmas In The Asylum

If 'Fairytale of New York' ever needed a competitor, this is it. Intoxicated with emotion and drunk in its truth, the semi-biographic track tells the tale of spending Christmas drunk and finding a way into an asylum. The piano-led ballad is washed with melancholy but has a twist of wicked humour, acting as a pal for those not quite in the spirit yet.

Major Lazer – Christmas Trees (feat. Protoje)

Major Lazer have been good this year. Taking the favourite tracks released by Mad Decent and re-wrapping them in festivities, the four-track EP has reinvented the Christmas carol. Major Lazer’s own offering is a reggae affair, all beat drops and flowing lyricism. Teaming up with Proteje, electronic breaks add a cranberry tang. Together, they light it up.

The Killers – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Brandon Flowers and co. may as well put on the red suit and do the job themselves. After a decade of annual Christmas songs, the band this year decided to cover of Bing Crosby’s ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ and put a Western ribbon around it. The spoken word ode to Christmas in the States; all slot machines and Home Alone features on their holiday-themed album ‘Don’t Waste Your Wishes’, with the benefits directed to Bono’s anti-AIDS charity (RED).

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Or revisit last year’s offering:

Tom Odell – Spending All My Christmas With You (Next Year)

Casting a festive spell, Odell’s BBC recorded rock ‘n’ roll swing ignites the childlike excitement from within. Glossy keys intertwined with the signature golden vocal, are only elevated by the church choir backing that throw a whole lot of soul into proceedings. Playful lyricism makes the energetic jump into a rejuvenating rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ that extra bit more thrilling.

She and Him – Christmas Memories

What’s Christmas without She and Him? They ARE Christmas. Slowing things down a tad, ‘Christmas Memories’ has all of the essence of a fresh baked cookie and the warmth of a mug of mulled wine. Zooey Dechanel’s velvet vocals proudly stand alongside a gentle rhythm with all of the innocence of the day.

Janet Devlin – Wake Up It’s Christmas

Recorded live in one take, there’s a soothing rawness to Devlin’s latest offering. Angelic vocals are washed with melancholy, as the delicate song explores the darkness that Christmas can bring. Like a candle in the dark, there are small glimmers of hope that flash and ignite. ‘Wake Up It’s Christmas’ is taken from Janet’s EP, Little Lights. Read our recent interview..

Pentatonix – Cold Winter (Kanye cover)

Yep, they’ve done it again. The five-piece a cappela throw their vocal harmonisation in the air like picture perfect confetti in their cover of a classic Kanye West track. Feasting on the emotion, there’s a certain energy to the rendition which both makes and then breaks the heart.

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