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Track Premiere: 55 Cancri e - Att Lamna Tellus I (Öknen)


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With the excessive use of social media, and our constant desire to overshare, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anything to carry a sense of mystery anymore. There are little glimpses of magic, fewer things that amaze.

55 Cancri e is a wonderful exception to our 21st century unwritten rule. The Danish artist, real name Sara Hausenkamp, is a rarity who chooses to be named after a distant planet. 

Latest single, ‘Att Lamna Tellus I (Öknen)’, is a cosmic voyage.

Translating to ’To Leave Tellus’, the track is her journey between Earth (Tellus is the Latin word for Earth) and 55 Cancri e. 

Lo-fi and encapsulating, the instrumental track keeps you guessing.

One moment you’re swinging through vines in a jungle, the other crossing the Sahara deserts.

It is your imagination that determines the environment and the mood.

The ability to tell a folk inspired story that bends and twists through fusions of sounds is enchanting.

The full album, Att lämna Tellus, is out today (9th December).

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