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Album Review: Dodie - Intertwined


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Dodie Clark- a ukulele-playing, pinafore-wearing and fairy light enthusiast has just dropped her first EP, 'Intertwined'. 


She has never been one to play a character on screen, and is honest and upfront about her ongoing battles with mental health issues, such as depersonalisation and depression, an approach which fans relate to in their thousands.

It seems that the EP is no exception, with six beautifully executed melodies and stunning lyrics that feel genuine and raw, and something that Dodie has poured her heart and soul into, with the afterthought that maybe the thought-provoking lyrics could help others in the process.

The EP could even offer some more practical assistance, as it's calming nature could accompany a mindfulness session brilliantly. 

This is particularly true of 'When (Live)', complete with strings to accompany her piano melody. The dramatic contribution of the chello and violin really demonstrate the pressures to savour every second of youth, and a viewpoint which a lot of young people would be afraid to admit.

A nostalgia that I believe we can all relate to lands with the line: "Am I the only one wishing life away? Never caught up in the moment, busy begging the past to stay", and is a theme that underlies the EP as a whole. 

This continues with the short and sharp 'Life Lesson', which imparts wisdom. She speaks of her 80 year-old self, who she believes would urge her to "love, break and learn- What else are you young for?", demonstrating yet another interesting view of youth. 

'Sick of Losing Soulmates', a fan favourite, is a tune which Dodie has dismissed rumours of a romantic meaning, and instead has spoken about its tribute to the heartbreak of losing a friend, a soulmate. Despite the raw emotion, it also has a delicate strength to it, with the quiet claims of "I won't take no for an answer", reminding us of the strength that Dodie inspires in so many with her honesty.

Not one for a morning tube journey as it is beautifully stripped back, embodying the lyric "brave face talks so lightly, hide the truth". 

The EP's title track 'Intertwined' is one which Dodie claims she wrote for her past or future self who is falling in love. She claimed she wanted it to be something that could accompany a short film, which the crackling film reel sound and a somewhat hallowed Disney ending contribute to. Here we are reminded of Dodie's sheer talent, with stunning vocals that make the song a calming and thoughtful experience.

She stays true to her own overlapping harmonies and ukulele plucking, suggesting that digital fame does not seem to have affected her in the slightest. The song demonstrates who she was, is, and hopefully will continue to be. 

But the EP isn't all doom and gloom. 'I Have a Hole in My Tooth (And My Dentist is Shut)' is a quirky little tune that you could hear on a toothpaste advert, and encompasses Dodie's passion for music and exploring different styles. 

'Absolutely Smitten' is one for the veteran fans of doddleoddle, Dodie's YouTube channel. I was thrilled that I could still hear the lighthearted ukulele melody, despite its accompaniment of jovial instruments like tambourines and drums, and cheerful laughter.

The tune made me smile on my frosty Friday morning commute to work, with all the upbeat cheering and laughter bringing to mind an Irish jig going on in the studio, with a relaxed, jamming kind of feel. 

Dodie's latest musical creation is twinkling, delicate and strong, and, even if not intentionally, comes across as a diary for the greater good.

Her casual honesty is something that is so desperately needed in today's music world, and the addition of her quiet talent makes this one of my favourite debuts of the year. 

Keep doing you Dodie.  

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