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Fresher Sounds - 08/11/16


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Right, why is it that literally the day after Bonfire Night you have to make double socks an essential part of your day-to-day outfit?

Luckily this week we had the Trainspotting 2 trailer to lift our spirits, and the soundtrack certainly hasn’t disappointed so far. Wolf Alice? Always, please.

This lovely lot might not make the bill, but they’re sound-tracking our coming week and believe us, they’ll warm up the lugholes.


Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot

Razor sharp, from its politically-charged lyricism to its electronic edged production, ‘Dance While You Shoot’ is a dystopian vision of rebel behaviour. The Tel Aviv-based artist pulls from her environment, refusing to turn to escapism. Jumping from sultry to angry, intensity bites at the heels of feet moving to a hip hop rhythm.


Hinds – Holograma

New music from Hinds is always a delight. Their latest track is sang in their native tongue and is a cover of fellow Madrid-ers Los Nastys - the very song that bought them together after two years apart. Taken from the newly-released deluxe version of their perfectly imperfect, devilishly brattish debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’, they showcase their softer side. ¡Viva Hinds!


Coldcut – Donald’s Wig feat. Roses Gabor

Hailed the grandmasters of UK cut n paste, they’re back with a new EP, ‘Only Heaven’ (25 Nov). The latest slice is straight out of the coolest spy movie to never hit screens. Deconstructed drum and bass is splattered with a healthy dosage of slick and sharp vocals, frenzied in its post-punk delivery.


Fickle Friends – Brooklyn

Shimmering with the taste of LA recording sessions, this is the soundtrack to your next big night out. Eccentricity pulses through the veins with a disco tune and a millennial neon vibrancy in electronic flourish. Sweet as sugar, Fickle Friends’ forthcoming tour is a guaranteed party.


Leo Stannard – Oceans

Following the constant successes of his home city (Leicester, d’uh), Leo Stannard will have you transfixed. The intricacy of production unfolds delicately below a strong vocal connected to a soul that could have lived a hundred years. Lifted by speckles of warm electronica, pain stricken lyricism ‘In the silence of my bedroom, all these cracks begin to show / Our memories together are the ones I love the most’ tackles intimacy through the dark.


Deep Cuts – Take Me Back

Normally, you can tell whether you like a song in the first 30 seconds. I challenge you to find a better introduction. Laying 80s synths down in a way that’s wonderfully intimate, they’re caressed by a soothing vocal. Influenced by the Latino culture that they grew up around, the Houston based soul odd-pop group perk with their rhythms and turn the key of movement.


Ekkah – Can’t Give It Up

Downtown pop in all its glory, the glorious duo combine glistening melody with soaring harmony. An undeniable groove moves like a feather boa. Funky and jubilant in its R-E-A-L L-O-V-E, embrace the glittered ear worm. Winter, what?


Flower Girl – Can’t Always Get What You Are

Throwing their youthful exuberance in the air with surf pop melodies and NYC-bred vocals, the five piece are understated in their timeless arrangement. Over in the blink of an eye, the short explosion is a bundle of energy and celebration of never growing up. Check it out on their forthcoming record ‘Tuck In Your Tie-Dye’ (Nov 11).


Moon Duo – Cold Fear

Drawing influence from the cycle of seasons and the journey of day to night on fourth album, ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 1’ (Feb 3), the first cut explores primal fear. Striking and pulse-raising, the track is as thrilling as it in panic-striking. A cosmic scope is filled with wavering vocals and hypnotic riffs, inducing a trance that opens the mind.


Emmecosta – His Power Of Youth

Isolation has never sounded so blissful. Soft synth smudge into warm, stroking vocals; wrapping into a soothing and soulful embrace. The Gothenburg trio’s exquisite approach to song-writing and minimal arrangements tug at the heart strings.

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