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Interview: Gengahr


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In band years, Gengahr are still pretty young. The Londoners released their debut album A Dream Outside just last year, and their forthcoming UK tour ahead of their as-yet-unnamed follow up will only be their second.


Considering all of this, Gengahr are a band who haven’t needed years to gather widespread appreciation and love. Despite front-man Felix Bushe’s controversial declaration: “I hate Harry Potter.”

Where their first full length pulled back the curtains of the band’s oddball pop blend of dark romanticism, polished psychedelia and soothing vocals, it provided an escape with weird tales of witches and ghosts. Understanding came from comparisons to being ‘as lonely as a shark in a dark room’.

“We didn’t ever really stop writing from when we were finishing up the first record,” says Felix.

 We already had a few songs we really liked finished by the time we had finished up touring and in the following months we wrote the rest of the new record.”

Spoken as ‘LP2’, Gengahr’s forthcoming “is a lot grittier and more personal”. Their crooked bedtime stories start gentle and quiet, almost seductive, before jumping out of the wardrobe in slamming guitars contradicted by soothing melody.

“The first album was about escaping reality but the new one is much more about confronting all that lies ahead.”

In writing and producing with this attitude, Felix explains, “I think as a writer you must be selfish and write for yourself, but I take a great satisfaction in hearing that it makes other people feel good too.”

This time around, the band “definitely set out with more intent and better understanding of what we are doing this time.”

Explaining that, “The process was a little different, but things seemed to come together really easily when we were writing this album.

“I think we had a lot of creative energy that had built up throughout the year and a half we spent on the road and that filtered through to the songs.”

Facing the dreaded second album fears head-on, the band possess a certain poise to what lies ahead, “I think it's healthy to have doubts every now and again but I’m extremely confident that we have improved a lot from the band that wrote A Dream Outside.

Getting back in the van for an extensive tour of smaller venues, “it feels great knowing that the first people who get to hear new songs are going to be our fans”.

It’s been a while since the Gengahr boys have toured the UK, but confidently declare that they’re “certain this is going to be by far the best tour we’ve ever done.”

Keen festival-goers will have already feasted their ears upon teasers of new material, but on tour they’ll “chop and change”the set list to test the waters of each new track.

The jingle jangle lovability of Gengahr nestled quickly into the subconscious of many, and the eeriness of the characters slipped their way into the heart. Man, aren’t we glad to have Gengahr back with more stories to tell. 

Gengahr will play:

16/11/16 - Sheffield - Bungalows and Bears
17/11/16 - Liverpool - Buyers Club
18/11/16 - Nottingham - The Bodega
19/11/16 - Bedford - Bedford Esquires
21/11/16 - Brighton - The Green Door Store
23/11/16 - Bristol - The Louisiana
24/11/16 - Ramsgate - Ramsgate Music Hall
25/11/16 - London - The Courtyard
26/11/16 - Guildford - The Boileroom
27/11/16 - Reading - The Purple Turtle
28/11/16 - Stoke - Sugarmill
29/11/16 - Hull - Adelphi
30/11/16 - Leeds - A Nation Of Shopkeepers
01/12/16 - Middlesbrough - Westgarth Social Club
03/12/16 - Newcastle - Jumping Jacks
04/12/16 - Aberdeen - Cafe Drummond
05/12/16 - Edinburgh - Sneaky Pete’s
06/12/16 - Glasgow - Nice N’ Sleazy
08/12/16 - Manchester - Deaf Institute

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