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Fresher Sounds - 24/10/16


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The Cinematic OrchestraThe predictions were spot on, and Radiohead are headlining next year’s Glastonbury Festival.

What a subtle reveal! True to the Oxford legends recent form it was arty, mysterious and thought-provoking - making everyone who didn't secure a ticket a little jealous.

Though this lot might not be taking top spot on the Pyramid Stage, they’re headlining a spot on our playlist this week.

We all know that’s the real honour.


JAWS – Right In Front Of Me

JAWS are back, with a bite. Their dreamy surf pop vibes are slashed with shattering vocals and menacing guitar. 'Right In Front Of Me ' is stripped from the forthcoming album Simplicity (out 4th November). Experience the frenzy live on their November tour.

Krusoe – Give Up The Coast

With a charisma so bright that it cracks, this Oxford-based artist takes glittering synths and splatters urban dub on top. Written about haunting emotions in an old town, glitched electronica breaks around a melodic voice, distinguished in its bittersweet energy but drenched in melancholy. His debut EP of the same name lands 28th October.

Elephant Stone – Manipulator

This psych-rock track echoes with raucous riffs and a sublime groove. The Montreal-based trio drop electronic breaks with smooth sophistication. Who’d have known a Motown beat could kiss a dance beat and the relationship would be so strong?

Hieroglyphic Being - This is 4 The Rave Bangers

Never one to rest on his laurels Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being drops new music in November in the form of two tracks that pay homage to, and reinterpret, the music of the legends of Chicago's electronic scene in the 90s. 'This Is 4 The Rave Bangers' is rave culture collapsing through a crack in space and time.

Sian Cross – On and On

Hauntingly dramatic, Sian Cross’ vocals glide with ease, light as a feather but rich on the tongue. Minimal production stutters in the background, shining the spotlight to the hypnotic nature. A layer of dark drum and bass adds to the explosions.

Phobophobes – Human Baby

Grubby but glamorous, this slow-burning track from Brixton’s latest sleaze merchants will have you somewhat in awe of their methods. Almost lazy vocals crawl, backed by a harmonious chorus and rhythm sounds as though it’s been kicked across the pavement yet there’s a wicked sense of mocking energy. Bizarrely ace.

ZOOEY – Time To Get Alone

French based duo Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet take 60s soul and the luscious ease of electro-pop on their daydream track. Plucked from the debut album The Drifters, soothing vocals and repetitive lyricism ‘time to get alone, time to break away’ in lovely male/female harmonies, make it sure fire to be this week’s remedy.

Redspencer – Rainbows

Apparently, there’s a movement of bedroom pop lolling around Melbourne, Australia and harmonious quartet, Redspencer, are at the heart. Like a lovely ballad on snooze, boyband vocals and melodies hold hands on a drifting rhythm. ‘Rainbows’ has been hit by the Australian sunrays. Hear more on their forthcoming full-length Perks (out 18th November).

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me 

With visuals providing a look at the collapse of our species and society, the dark and swallowing track is frantic in its movement. Urgent vocals ask its title as guitars zap and rhythm races itself. Definitely check out the video, directed and animated by critically-acclaimed illustrator Steve Cutts.

Fifi Rong – Future Never Comes

Eerily angelic vocals flow from Fifi in a slick stream. Cloaked in surrealism, the tracks ethereal, dreamy sounds have a faerie essence. It’s big, brave and a bold statement from a name that everybody should feel proud to know.

Marching Church – Lion’s Den

Hailing from Copenhagen and formed by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (best known as the lead singer of Iceage), Marching Church are a band intertwined in chemistry. Astonishing vocal ranges and a wavy swagger clasp a melodious body, but there’s an essence of uncertainty. Check it out on their second full-length, Telling It Like It Is (28th October).

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe

The Cinematic Orchestra are back with a new track that will make every hair on the back your neck stand on end! 'To Believe' is a epic and heart-achingly sad tune taken from their highly-anticipated new album. LA based vocalist Moses Sumney provides a ghostly yet magnificent voice to the proceedings.

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