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Fresher Sounds - 10/10/16


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You know when you're sat on a bus, or a train, and it just sounds like a walk-in centre?

Honey LungEveryone's coughing and spluttering; an elongated mixture of fresher's flu and the fact that we can't afford to put the heating on until our toes are blue and we can see our breath.

Hair is tangled, puffer coat has been dug out... and your earphones are blocking out the tragic tale of October with these wicked new tracks.

How much better does that sound? 

Don't worry, we got you.

Crocodiles – Not Even In Your Dreams

Joyous and melodic, the latest release from the Crocodile duo wonderfully juxtaposes the lyrical content of struggles with anxiety and insomnia. The crackled glaze of sunny keys is in celebration of the besties’ sixth full-length, Dreamless (out 21st October), and a stint of UK dates.

Hidden Charms – I Just Wanna Be Left Alone

Instead of murmuring it under your breath when invited to social situations which you don’t want to attend, you can now blast this intoxicating number. Mixing a modern twist with grunge vocals and a neat line of funk on their rock n roll palette, head banging riffs really bleed their way into the subconscious. Check it on their new EP, ‘Harder From Here’ (out October 28th).

Friend – The Evening Crowns The Day

The Swiss musician is a little intense in his clockwork world. With an observant view, you’re caught in his rich voice and storytelling way with words. Enthralling soundscapes are eerily magnificent, an encapsulation of imagination, it’s an escape from the self.

Coldcut – Only Heaven (feat. Roots Manuva & Dave Taylor)

With a running tune of a ballerina jewellery box, the legendary duo are back for the first time since 2005 using their huge musical address book to bring Switch, Thundercat and Roots Manuva into the mix on 'Only Heaven'. Beautiful female vocals go hand in hand with Roots’ conscious flow. Soul runs effortlessly, proving that Coldcut have worked their magic once more.

Jerry Williams – Let’s Just Forget It

At just twenty years old, Jerry Williams’ voice has reached an angelic peak. Lovely lyrics provide a warm embrace with delicate acoustics, and there’s a definite quirk in her millennial style. The personal track is stripped from the forthcoming EP of the same name.

Big Top Heartbreak – Champions of the World

A sixties organ pulses at the heart of this track that swaggers with the vocals and moans with the guitar. Eccentricity surges through the poetically traumatic journey of young love, inspired by the band’s stint in France where they still wish that the fizzling energy would have lasted forever. ‘It felt like forever but forever only lasted the summer.’

Menace Beach – Maybe We’ll Drown

Our favourite fuzzy Leeds mob have retuned; armed with a new album, Lemon Memory (out 20th January) and a stint of tour dates. Liza Violet’s sugary vocals have a haunting sour aftertaste, and their standard scuzz can be peeled away to reveal juicy, citrus bursts of guitar noise. The sophomore album is said to be the band trying to “lift a citrus based curse” in their home…

Unqualified Nurse Band - Growing Down

Stripped from their recently released Debasement Tapes album, the rowdy Derby-based noise makers deliver a short, sharp shot of relentless guitar and unforgiving scratched chants. Crammed into a frantic 1:36, there’s a rockabilly swing that sweats its way into the subconscious.

Honey Lung – End Of Time

Honey Lung want to take you back to the first time that you heard Smashing Pumpkins. Rubbed with shoegaze and edged with the distinctive pained twang, the collision with nifty riffs nods towards a nineties grunge rhythm. Taken from the forthcoming ‘Kind Of Alone’ EP, it’ll be the throwback you didn’t know you needed to soundtrack this Halloween.

Newmoon – Helium

Belgium’s Newmoon, glisten with their sonic soundscapes and find shade in their hushed vocals. Whilst being repetitive and airy, emotive lyricism ‘the path I choose will never set me free’ twists it’s way to the forefront of the busy instrumentals. Pulling with a sense of urgency, the track will slot into place on forthcoming, debut full length SPACE (14th October).

Thee Oh Sees – The Poem

Taken from album, An Odd Entrances, somehow it sums it up. Endearingly wonderful, there’s an almost sense of foreboding in the mystical place to which you’re transported. Swirling melodies capture in a web of folksy-Grimm lullaby, delivered with faerie elegance, with twists and turns. Removed from their usual garage-rock power, this is Thee Oh Sees sensitive side and it is wonderful.

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