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Fresher Sounds – 27/09/2016

27th September 2016

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LiinesIt’s all lies at the moment. Trump lies, Leave campaign lies, Russia lying about all sorts of stuff...

It’s all a bit depressing, isn’t it? We need some cold slabs of truth to help us through!

On the music side of things, the truth is 2016 has been awesome and keeps on giving.

Use this lot to elevate the pain of a world slowly collapsing in on itself.

Liines – Disappear

The latest act to explode from new label Reckless Yes, post-punk trio LIINES are set to drop new double-A side single ‘Disappear/Be Here’ next month. Produced by Paul Tipler (Placebo, Elastica, Stereolab) ‘Disappear’ is a fraught slice of punk rock with echoes of Sleater Kinney, Elastica and Fugazi in the mix. It’s urgent and vital stuff.

Tycho – Epoch

‘Epoch’ is the latest gem to be mined from Scott Hansen’s continually expanding electronic project Tycho. It perfectly highlights the darker territory to be found on the forthcoming new album. ‘Epoch’ is a deep, soulful piece of cerebral electronica.

Peggy Gou – Gou Talk

Korean-born, Berlin resident Peggy Gou is to drop her new EP ‘Seek For Maktoop’ next month. ‘Gou Talk’ is the first offering of three groove-focused productions coaxed from her beloved MPC3000. ‘Gou Talk’ is a funky, modern take on the classic house sound.

Animal House – Heavy

Australian quartet Animal House have shared ‘Heavy’ a cut from their forthcoming new EP ‘Sorry’ out in November. ‘Heavy’ has been shot directly from the early noughties garage-rock revival  with echoes of The Strokes, The Raconteurs and The Libertines it is a slice of raucous, joyful indie rock.

Plastic Mermaids – Painted Lady

If you like your pop music inventive, packed with melody and a little experimental – Plastic Mermaids will be perfect for you! With just a hint of the Beatles most expansive work, and the psyche wonderment of Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips, something special is going on with this band. This version of ‘Painted Lady’ filmed in St Catherine’s Church on the Isle of Wight proves you need to get out and witness this band on their debut UK tour throughout October.

Slaves - Consume or be Consumed ft. Mike D

As if snarling punk duo Slaves weren’t cool enough, they’ve only gone and got a bloody Beastie Boy on-board for their latest single ‘Consume or be Consumed’! Taken from new album Take Control out on 30th September it is a hardcore attack on our fascination with consuming.

Douglas Dare – Oh Father!

After announcing his new album Aforger (due out 14th October) London-based Douglas Dare has released haunting new single ‘Oh Father!’ A collision of electronics and piano this is much more song-based than most material released via Erased Tapes but no less moving and experimental.

John Carpenter - Utopian Façade

With all the buzz about the music of Stranger Things still at high levels, it is fitting that the master of foreboding synth-music John Carpenter is back with more new material, ahead of his first-ever full tour of the UK. ‘Utopian Façade’ is a suitably epic new cut from the Master of Horror.

Furr – Padlocks

Packing their definite love of 90s alt-rock into their new single ‘Padlocks’ Furr have unleashed another fuzz-fuelled, hook-laden slice of grungey rock.

Camila Fuchs – Striking Doubt

Camila Fuchs apparently means fox in German, and new track ‘Striking Doubt’ comes from what Singing From Fixed Rungcould be the first Brexit album. The London-based electronic project have birthed a song of lingering doubt, built on a Bjork-influenced piece of sonic exploration and icy, post-punk vocals.

The Big Moon – Silent Movie Susie

The Big Moon’s infectious new single has definite echoes of the mid-90s Britpop indie of the likes of Sleeper and Echobelly with a more punky edge. With tunes this good the on-going hype around the band doesn’t seem likely to die down any time soon.

Collapsing Scenery – Common Cause

Created as an art project in LA warehouses and basements, Collapsing Scenery unleash the sound of classic electro-pop given a kicking – like deconstructed Depeche Mode or a more poppy Factory Floor. ‘Metaphysical Cops’ is the lead single from recently released UK debut EP God’s Least Favourite.

Mouse On The Keys - Four Preludes, Op.50, No.3 in B Minor

Traversing the worlds of jazz and post-rock with an ethereal blend of minimal phrased piano and dynamic drumming this Japanese duo don’t really fit into simple genre boundaries. This comes from a split EP with LITE out on 30th September.

Sofia Härdig – Little Delight

With a pedigree that has seen her work with a batch of great names including The Hellacopters, Boredoms and Free Kitten now is the time for Swedish multi-instrumentalist to shake the world with her own music. If ‘Little Delight’ is anything to go by Härdig is on track to be new queen of alt-rock. It’s also a free download.

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