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Fresher Sounds - 06/09/2016


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So it’s September again, which means one thing – the new uni year is right around the corner.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a few extra weeks off, but for an unlucky few of us we’re all dashing off to the shops to get new stationary for the start of term.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably compiled a stack of gig tickets to take off the stress of assignments already.

If not, take note and find out if this lot are coming to perform these tasty new tracks in a town near you.

Dream Wife – Kids

What started off as a performance art piece has turned into real-life band Dream Wife and the results are probably the most exciting sound you’ve heard all year. Taken from EP01, 'Kids' is brought to life through it’s bubbly melodies, inventive lyrics, sugar-coated power chords and ooh’s in all the right places. Oh and they’re doing that late 80’s sportswear aesthetic some justice as they swap guitars for tennis rackets in the accompanying video.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jesus Alone

The first single to be taken from the Bad Seeds upcoming record Skeleton Tree is earth-shudderingly solemn. Cave’s harrowing vocals offer a window into his emotions following the passing of his son, as eerie sounds and strings led by Warren Ellis guarantee that when Cave delivers “with my voice I am calling you” every hair on your body will stand on end.

P Money – Stereotypes

In response to the negative headlines surrounding race and Notting Hill Carnival, P Money has re-released 'Stereotype', a track the MC penned in 2012. Swift-Beater’s production fires up P Money’s heavily politicised bars that address the institutionalised racism of the UK police and their disproportionate use of stop and search on black communities.

Die Antwoord – Banana Brain

'Banana Brain' is everything you’ve come to expect and more from the unique South African rap-rave outfit. Sonically, the track steps it up with the most techno rave beat the band have produced to date. Visually, Die Antwoord maintain their relationship with controversy with both reference to Oscar Pistorius and apparent black-face.

Joyce Manor – Fake I.D

California based Joyce Manor return with the relatable 'Fake I.D', taken from their well awaited Cody LP. The playful hook-filled jam tells the bizarre tale of “a super hot friend with a fake I.D” who asks the room for their thoughts on Kanye West which plays out something like a high school movie in its video.

Romare – Who Loves You?

Following on from his exceptional debut album, musical-collage master Romare has produced the seductive 'Who Loves You?' from his forthcoming second album Love Songs: Part Two. With bass so alluring, the track’s disco rhythm will seamlessly take you from bedroom groover to the dirty dancefloor.

Idles – Divide & Conquer

'Divide and Conquer' is a three and a half minute rage at the ramifications of the Tory government’s austerity measures on the NHS. The sharp post-punk single is pumped with adrenaline from its meaty bass to it’s hurling vocals, showcasing the in your face punk done proper that is to be expected from their debut, Brutalism.

Chelan – Beams

Chelan’s latest offering boasts an atmosphere so dense you can feel every layer of the production. Jennifer Grady's far-reaching vocals play off the towering synths and undercutting bass line on this impressive first cut of the bands fifth record, Vultures.

Vektrill – I’ll Never Die

The Worthing based space-rockers latest single is an epic wall of sound. Muse-esque vocals, screaming guitars and a savage drum beat fuel the fire of this fine tuned chaos.

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