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Fresher Sounds - 30/08/2016


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Kate Tempest

I’ve danced in the mud, hugged strangers and seen many a good band this bank holiday weekend. I’ve been at Leeds Festival!

Foals properly stepped it up in their co-headline slot, The 1975 proved they have headliner potential, the Jack Daniels stage truly rocked and despite the Red Hot Chili Peppers newest member not quite filling John Frusciante’s boots they certainly knew how to provoke a crowd-wide singalong.

As this was my last festival of the summer I can already but maybe I’ll catch this lot in a field somewhere next summer?

Kate Tempest – Don’t Fall In

The ever-talented Kate Tempest returns with easy flowing 'Don’t Fall In', the first taste of the follow up to the Mercury Prize nominated Everybody Down. Lyrically, the track is as dark and disillusioned as the grinding beat Tempest throws her vocals over.

Thundercat – Bus in These Streets

You may recognise Thundercat’s name from his Grammy award for contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s 'These Walls' and if so you may be expecting great things. 'Bus in These Streets' is certainly a great thing, the “comedic ode to our dependence on technology” is a breezy melody, led by sprightly chimes, a steady beat and smooth falsetto all carefully fine-tuned by long-time collaborator Flying Lotus.

Danny Brown – Pneumonia

Gearing up for the release of his first record in nearly three years, Atrocity Exhibition, Danny Brown has dropped the tantalising 'Pneumonia'. The Detroit-based rapper enlists Evian Christ’s bulky production and a minor appearance from Schoolboy Q as he spits bars at his unadulterated best, painting an ever darker expectation for the next record.

LUH – Lost Under Heaven

Ex WU LYF front-man Ellery Roberts and audio-visual artist Ebony Hoom AKA Lost Under Heaven (LUH), have released an enigmatic new live video for one of the stand out tracks from their acclaimed Spiritual Songs For Lovers to Sing. This track is an intense wall of sound, with the duo’s vocals clashing as violently as the instruments that lay behind them.

I Am Karate – Swayze

Have no fear, I am Karate are here to fill your cravings for sugar-coated Scandi-pop. Utilising Patrick Swayze as metaphor, enticing synth work, mid-tempo melodies and searing vocals lead the electronic track into its hook laden chorus.

Catch Prichard – Eskota

Catch Prichard’s debut EP is set for release later this year, the lead single 'Eskota' is an intimate first-look into the EP of the same name. Resting somewhere between languid folk and forlorn country, Prichard’s husky baritone and delicate finger-plucking evoke troubles way past his years.  The track, which takes its name from a ghost town in Texas, is so adorned in imagery that If you can’t picture the landscape, you’re really not listening hard enough.

Slowcoaches – Norms & Values

Recorded over two days at London DIY studio space Sound Savers, Slowcoaches know all about the ‘punk’ world and curate a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the rules of the community on the latest single, 'Norms & Values' from their upcoming debut album Nothing Gives. The track tears the scene apart with sizzling riffs, dead pan vocal delivery and in your face drums.

Unqualified Nurse Band – My Boots are Shakin’

Something exciting this way comes in the shape of Unqualified Nurse Band’s latest video directed by Grawl!x. Taken from their upcoming debut Debasement Tapes, the track “about friendship and going to great lengths for the benefit of someone you care for” finds Pet Crow member  Sophie searching through some breathtaking scenery with a few words taken from Virginia Woolf.

Archivist – Everything is Wanted

Since their 2013 debut EP Archivisthave expanded their personel to four members and with it their sound. Leading with staccato bleeps, cascading synths and drawn out alluring vocals the band create a smooth electronic sound worth shaking your shoulders to.

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