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Fresher Sounds - 23/08/2016


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Everything has turned to Gold.

Britain got some well needed good news as the legacy of London 2012 saw us reaching for gold in every event, resulting in us placing 2nd in the overall medals table.

And yeah as the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold”, but it’s pretty certain that Frank Ocean, who re-appeared dropping TWO albums and coated in glitter in a new video, will certainly produce something of a gold standard.

It’s up to you lot to decide whether this glistening new music deserves gold too.

Frank Ocean – Nikes

What felt like a never ending tease has finally culminated in an album, Blonde a stand-alone visual album, Endless and now a provocative new single 'Nikes'. “I’ve got two versions” utters Ocean as his vocals interchange between laid back and high pitch auto-tune against a richly produced backdrop before zoning out to his natural voice as the track draws to a close. His stream of consciousness features tributes to Trayvon Martin, A$AP Yams and Pimp C and is brought to life in an enchanting, strictly no holes barred video.

Muncie Girls – Respect

All proceeds from Muncie Girls’ latest single are to be awarded to Refugee Action - a charity supporting a fairer asylum system. The bands political message is demonstrated on ‘Respect’, which deals with the toxic rape and lad culture that troubles our society. “For the next few years you can laugh and joke about your next victim, but when you’re all grown up and your daughter cries, you’ll be sorry you did thism,” Lande Hekt hurls as riffs and drums collide aggressively on this hard hitting punk track.

Pional – Casualty

Spanish producer Pional makes shiny pop music out of the darkest of places. Inspired by love and loss, 'Casualty' comes as part of a four-song EP mapping the stages of heartbreak. The lead single’s charm-filled rhythms, fulfilling acoustics and cheeky dose of cowbells are sure to make you forget the hurt of heart break – even if its only for the night.

David Brent – Slough

Foregone Conclusion are back, David Brent’s new look band lead a tribute to the place he calls home. with 'Slough', Brent sticks to what he knows best. Highlighting the town’s "equidistance between London and Reading" and "more convenience than a Tesco Express" Brent sells Slough in a way only a Sales rep could. 

Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

Gearing up for the release of her third full length, MY WOMAN, Angel Olsen teases with the love song for impatient lovers -  Shut Up Kiss Me. On first impression the track’s gentle acoustics sound melancholy and relaxed before the chorus dawns and sweet whispers turn to urgent commands as Olsen takes fate into her own hands.

John K. Samson – Postdoc Blues

Ex Propagandhi and Weakerthan’s member John K Samson embarks on his second solo record, Winter Wheat, a record that has largely found inspiration from Neil Young’s On The Beach album. The track, which is musically backed up by three quarters of the Weakerthan’s, lets a fluttering, bluesy guitar line and a steady bass alongside Samson’s soothing country tone narrate the tale of “an aging student struggling to maintain faith in the possibility of a better world”.

The Peep Tempel – Rayguns

The first taste of Australian trio The Peep Tempel’s upcoming third album, Joy, is an unadulterated commentary on suburban Australia. The band use howling guitars, a fast paced beat and lyrics drenched in apathy as their tools in creating pure punk rock.

Mouses – Green

Teeside’s fuzzy rockers Mouses ooze potential with every single. 'Green' is the freshest cut from their upcoming debut The Mouses Album, featuring a jolting opening riff the band take us on a ride through surreal melodies, distorted vocals and lo-fi guitars with the first stop off being Reading and Leeds 2016.

Marching Church – Heart of Life

Danish post-punk outfit Marching Church take a shift in direction on the glistening 'Heart of Life'the first cut from their upcoming second album. The track teeters from its bubbly up-tempo beginning, exploding into Elias’s swagger drenched vocal slur which brings the storm behind the calm to the forefront.

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