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Interview: The Beach


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London based singer-songwriter The Beach, aka George Morgan, is riding a wave of hype as the new sound to your summer.

The Beach

His emotional, powerfully touching tracks act as the perfect accompaniment to strolls in the sand and summer loving.

The multi-instrumentalist dropped his dream of becoming a marine biologist when he was just a teenager and have been creating music in his bedroom ever since.

As with many a modern-success-story it was the internet that dragged him from the bedroom to a bigger stage.

When I was about 14 years old and realized it was the only thing I wanted to do. So I did three years of intense open mic-ing in London and one day I put up a video on Youtube that, out of the blue, got quite a few hits which got things started.”

Determined and motivated, he confesses he never really had a plan B, because he ardently believes “that if you want something enough then you just make it work.”

Wanting it really hard isn't always enough, it takes more to be a good musician. As The Beach he explores some of his personal traits that have led him to where he is now: “I have very high expectations of myself and am always striving to be better which is probably the best and worst trait ,because I am also over critical of myself which isn’t good for self confidence... but I feel this what it takes to be a good musician.”

But what does he think of failure then? “Failure is a forbidden word.”

As a solo artist Morgan also understands the benefits of letting others into the creative process, pointing to the work he has done with Aquilo as “really fun”. His dream is to work to collaborate with Chris Martin “because then I could steal all of his tricks.”

And if he could reincarnated, who or what would he reincarnate as?

“Well Dodo birds because I have a picture of one hanging up in my living room but always wonder what they were like in real life,” even though he's totally obsessed with sharks, and he'd define them as his spirit animal, without really explaining why though.

His name, the marine biologist and the sharks aren't the only maritime touches to his artistic persona, he's really all about the seaside.

He underlines he's taken up the pseudonym because the beach is his happy place, a place where, like in music, you can find serenity.

His favourite childhood memory is running up and down Bournemouth beach with his brother and sister as a kid, with no cares in the world. In fact, he'd also love to travel to the hot wet American summer of California, where “the weather is great and so many legendary musicians lived or spent time there,” which he finds intriguing.

And his favourite colour is blue, of course. Of all the world beaches it is still Bournemouth that is his ‘happy beach’.

“In the winter when no one is on it and its freezing cold, the skies and crimson are extremely inspiring.”

The sound of this inspiration from the beach and sea can be heard throughout his folk meets electro-pop sound, but what else influences the Beach sound?

“Inspiration comes from everything I see, books I read, I’m quite an emotional person and I find it quite easy to express myself in songwriting. Melodies normally come around when I hear a new chord it will just spark an emotion and the song writes itself. I wrote a song called “thieves” which is about the first time seeing an ex-girlfriend after we split and she had a new boyfriend... sad times!”

But the song ‘Geronimo’ has a more positive vibe to it, as he explains it's mainly about “being in a negative place and realising that I’m being an idiot and have so much to be grateful for”, where “the video is uplifting, releasing and euphoric - which is what I strive for in all creative things: to take someone out of their day to day and give them excitement and release.”

He preaches that only boring people get bored, and if he were to be abducted by aliens he would bring his guitar and tell them that even though things are rough down here at the moment, there is always a solution and good things come out of even the worst situations.

Is there anything he's disappointed about? “Not really,” and he goes on a humorist tangent: “I mean I’m disappointed that England aren’t great at football, but why would you want to concentrate on negative things, i mean Andy Murray won Wimbledon and the England rugby team spanked Australia 3-0 in the test series over the summer so it’s all good.” Along the same lines, he says the book he's learned from the most is probably Mick Fleetwood's autobiography, “he said the best way around something is through the middle of it, which is so true when dealing with day to day tasks.”

Always looking forward, George Morgan's main aspiration right now is to continue writing the best music he can write, as “you're only as good as your songs,” confessing he'd love to maybe sell out Brixton Academy one day. And what next? “My future holds loads of touring, lots of single releases and enjoyment on all fronts!”

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