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Fresher Sounds - 04/07/2016

4th July 2016

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Music can make or break live entertainment – it sets the tone, the mood and helps deliver the emotional punch. Seeing as our great nation appears to have become one giant, immersive, piece of live satirical theatre, music is more important than ever!

Grawl!xI would suggest an individual theme tune for all the main players – like this for Michael Gove, or this for Nigel Farage, this for Jeremy Corbyn, this for Stephen Crabb and maybe this for Theresa May?

Seems legit!

On a more serious note, here's a batch of tunes to take you mind of the circus and overriding sense of foreboding hanging over our heads.

Smile now.......

Grawl!x - Gumption

The second track to get the video treatment from Grawl!x's exceptional new album Aye! , 'Gumption' highlights yet another angle of James Machin's latest music persona. The band's usual floating dream-pop is infiltrated by intoxicating krautrock rhythms as Machin's echoed vocals flow above. Beautiful stuff...

Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]

Every time Richard D. James returns in his Aphex Twin guise it is a seismic event. 'CIRKLON3' announced new EP 'Cheetah' with a epic eight minute classic slice of Aphex acieeed, alongside his first video since 'Windowlicker' in 1999. 12-year-old Ryan Wyer was given free reign over the visuals, and the results are brilliantly awful.

A Grave With No Name - House

'House' acts as a aural announcement for London-based singer/songwriter/musician Alexander Shields, aka, A Grave With No Name's new album A Wooden Mask (out 12th August). The track is a frail, acoustic journey into the soul and perfect for a spot of quiet introspection.

Dagny (feat. Børns) - Fools Gold

The second single from Norwegian, new pop hope Dagny is potent blend of her trademark piano-laden instrumentals, infectious choruses, and distinctly Scandinavian-tinged vocals. Featuring Børns on additional vocal duties the track paves the way for her debut EP due to drop in August.

Magical Mistakes - Peaking In The Pitch Black (Shinamo Moki Remix)

To forge latest album Peaking in the Pitch Black (out 8th July) Magical Mistakes, (a.k.a Erik Luebs) travelled to rural Japan, and the result is a combination of Eastern and Western influences. His tracks are textural, bell-bathed, slow slung electronic compositions blended with organic instrumentation, Japanese motifs, and ambient sounds, that create an immersive underwater effect. This remix of the title track from East Sussex based electronic group Shinamo Moki is a perfect precursor for the release.

Ed Scissor & Lamplighter - Hyperballad

The latest cut from the Glaswegian producer and London lyricist's forthcoming album Tell Them It's Winter is a trip-hop inspired track that sets the stall for the album to be a Brit-rap classic.

SchulKid - La La Lave feat. I Am Harlequin

Elusive, London-based electro-pop producer Schulkid has been gaining praise all over the shop, and with latest effort 'La La Lave' it's easy to hear why. Never straying to far from 'pop' the producer weaves haunting melodies and heavy beats to forge an intelligent sound. This track is completed by the dulcit tones of I Am Harlequin, another talent worth keeping an eye on.

Hieroglyphic Being - The Disco's Of Imhotep

Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being has built a reputation on deep, mesmeric experimental electronics and the ideals of free jazz. His sound has been called 'Afrofuturist'  by some and 'Synth Expressionism / Rhythmic Cubism' by himself - make of that what you will. 'The Disco's Of Imhotep' is taken from his forthcoming album of the same name, dropping this August.

Jenny Hval - Female Vampire

Jenny Hval is one of the most unique artists around right now, and 'Female Vampire' is the first single taken from her forthcoming album 'Blood Bitch' co-produced with noise producer Lasse Marhaug. The album is an investigation of blood and femininity, and, although fictional is Hval's most personal record to date.

Field Mouse - Out Of Context

Field Mouse's new song features guest vocals by Waxhatchee's Allison Crutchfield and Joseph D'Agostino of Cymbals Eat Guitars, making it burst with indie rock credibility.

Aaron Holm - Little One

Seattle based ambient producer Aaron Holm has dropped his latest ethereal tune 'Little One'. Occupying the same space as ambient legends such as Brian Eno, Future Sound of London and Bjork Holm has mastered the more tranquil end of the dance spectrum.

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