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Fresher Sounds - 13/06/2016


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British festival season is well and truly in full flow - and so is the mandatory water from the heavens.

DagnyThis last weekend metal-fest Download was so wet that it was dubbed 'Drownload' by the tabloid press, who not being the biggest fan of rowdy subscultures probably revelled in seeing soggy metalheads standing in muddy puddles.

Parklife in Manchester also suffered the downpours, again raising the question that with extortionate public transport costs in the UK, and the rain - why doesn't everyone just bugger off to somewhere where it will at least be dry the whole time.

Some of our team were recently at Primavera in Barcelona and there wasn't a rain-drop in site, and the line-up was better than any UK festival all summer (probably!).

Here's some new tunes you can enjoy from the dryness of your own home, or whereever you are.....

Cerise –Smoke Screen Dreams

Cerise makes a firm impression with the lead single from her upcoming debut album. Mixed by Matt Boynton (Bat For Lashes/MGMT), her soft alluring vocals chime “give me sweet dreams” over a hazy drum backdrop, coming together to form a peaceful blend of dream pop that’s guaranteed to give you sweet dreams.

God Damn – Ghost

The two-man noise machine that is God Damn has just dropped an abrasive new single. 'Ghost' is fuzzy and meaningfully heavy,  packed with fiery hooks and a searing vocal. As their vocalist Thom Edward puts it – “Ghost is a scuzzy song that you can dance, mosh, scream and sing your little heart out for the world to see”.

Dagny – Backbeat

Dagny’s debut is Taylor Swift level catchy with none of the guilt-fuelled pleasure left behind. The rising Norwegian songstress utilises powerful piano chords, a thumping beat and an outrageously catchy chorus to create a slice of Scandi-pop so infectious it will leave you feeling positive even on the rainiest of summer days.

Modern Pleasure – White Heels

The Leeds scene is indisputably one of the most exciting in the country, with Modern Pleasure being the latest taste of what the city has to offer. The bands second offering promises to serenade you from the get go, with it’s bitter sweet vocal and sun drenched melodies will soothe your spirits deep into the night.

Volkova Sisters – Bianco

The most satisfyingly odd noise I’ve heard all week comes courtesy of Volkova Sisters. Capturing the shimmering distortion of My Bloody Valentine, the industrial pop track glides in with eery vocals before breaking into a sketchy pulsating beat with a harsher cyber punk edge that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Guts – Peaceful Life feat. Lorine Chia / Rest of My Life

The incredible Guts makes the transition from go-it-alone producer to collaborative frontman on this exciting new cut from his upcoming album. On 'Peaceful Life', Lorine Chia's expansive vocals dance atop quirky keyboard and an electro funk beat, whilst the video progresses into the track 'Rest of My Life'  and it’s glistening strings infused with a Japanese feel and over all hip hop tone.

Equador – Blood

Remember all of the potential in the first series of The Voice? Then of course, you remember Bo Bruce. Four years on, this is what the doe-eyed singer is up to now. 'Equador' is a collaboration between Bo and Henry Binns from Zero 7, the result being this haunting down-tempo ambient sound, showcasing the distinctive nature of Bo’s voice.

False Heads – Thick Skin

Recorded in Who legend Pete Townsend’s studio, the east-London trio's freshest single is full to the brim with energy. 'Thick Skin' comes alive through its ballsy vocals, feisty drums and grungey guitars. If you’re a fan of this you won’t be in lone company as Iggy Pop and the Ramones manager Danny Fields have both proclaimed their appreciation for the band.

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