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Fresher Sounds - 23/05/2016


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Max JuryExam season really is the worst time of the year.

Given all the moaning that occurs from GCSE’s onwards, it’s a wonder why us students actually sign up (to the totally miniscule tune of £9k a year) to endure further mind-numbing anxiety filled exams.

For all of you who have seen the light at the end of the exam paper themed tunnel, well done for surviving.

And for those of you who haven’t finished yet – here’s a few songs to power you through.

Yeasayer – Silly Me

Brooklyn art rockers, Yeasayer mark their progression with latest single from their fourth studio album Amen & Goodbye. The glistening guitars and playful synths culminate in a sugar sweet chorus of “She would be here if it wasn’t for silly me”, encouraging an oh well attitude for anyone who has recently experienced a break-up.

Prides – Rome

Prides make a welcome return with contemporary pop wonder 'Rome', their first offering since releasing their acclaimed debut album last year. The Glasgow-based duo mastered the pop hook on their first record and on 'Rome' it is evident that they haven't lost that skill. Neatly produced synths and tight, crashing drums elevate Stewart Brock's yearning vocals over what appears a much darker but equally uplifting effort from the band.

Odonis Odonis – Vanta Black

With the release of album Post Plague right around the corner, Odonis Odonis are keen to make an impression on every single that comes before it. 'Vanta Black' is an energetic industrial, rave track, led by a strain of pulsating bass and futuristic rhythms. The chaos that unfolds past the two-minute mark will give you the confidence to take on the apocalypse head first.

The Mirror Trap – Piranhas

Given the hype surrounding their live shows and the minor factor of being granted the seal of approval by Placebo, The Mirror Trap shouldn’t need much of an introduction. Front-man Gary Moore's fiery vocals overlay an angry riff and an uproar of drums on the latest cut from upcoming album Simulations. Central to the song is a criticism of the nature of our neo-liberal society, which is visualised through the video’s focus on a boy fighting to his death in a competitive society.

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry – The Midnight Special

Bragg and Henry pay homage to the roots of American songwriting on their collaborative album ‘SHINE A LIGHT: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad’. Recorded in one of the many stations they stopped off at to create the album, the pair’s perfectly matched vocals make for a safe but satisfactory take on the prison blues classic.

Plants and Animals – Stay

Montreal indie rockers Plants and Animals have had four years out, the result is the wondrous Waltzed in from the Rumbling and its accompanying single 'Stay'. Gently driven by strumming acoustics, jagged bass and a dreamy vocal, the track is an instant summer day classic.

Happyness – SB’s Truck

Alongside their support slot with the Dandy Warhols, Happyness return with a fresh cut of melancholy alt rock. The strung out lo-fi track with its breezy slacker vocals concerns 80s wrestler Andre The Giant, who was alleged to have been driven to school in Samuel Beckett’s truck “because he couldn’t fit in his dad’s car”. Whatever that’s supposed to sound like, it certainly sounds good.

Max Jury – Beg & Craw

'Beg & Crawl' sets a bittersweet tone for Max Jury’s upcoming eponymous debut album. With elements of country in his soulful range, accompanied by a gospel inspired backing, the fast tempo of Jury’s lullaby contrasts finely with the heartfelt matter of his songwriting.

Fantastic Negrito – Working Poor

Xavier Dphrepaulezz, frontman of Fantastic Negrito’s, mesmerising talent can only be matched by his colourful history. Hailed as the “patron saint of second chances”, Xavier ran with Oakland gangs, suffered a car crash resulting in a coma, tried out numerous genres and was still busking in early 2015. With this much of a backstory, comes a whole lot of soul. The result - this raw fusion of funk, blues and vintage rock and roll taken from his upcoming debut The Last Days of Oakland.

Prose – Further

Naughty Boy’s latest signing are a rising group of Manchester storytellers.  Spitting yarns of gritty honesty over anthemic guitars, the band have an authentic working class voice and bags of charm. You’d be foolish to miss out on their forthcoming debut album, Home of The Brave.

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