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Interview: High Tyde


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Young, free and reckless, that’s what all of the Tumblr posts say. Your youthful years are supposed to be a frenzy of intoxicated decisions. You’re supposed to feel invincible and like a fuckabout simultaneously.

Flirty eyes can lead to dirty lies, and regrets are often met by a fit of giggles. Emotional whiplash and hangovers, they’re the norm.

High Tyde

Brighton’s High Tyde are roaring their way onto every playlist, and every dancefloor. We spoke to vocalist, Cody Thomas-Matthews, following the release of latest EP ‘Safe’, and amidst their biggest tour to date.

Chatting about recent single ‘Dark Love’ Cody exclaims “Incredible! It has been received so, so well. There’s been crazy crowds to it every night.”

The Annie Mac championed track catapults into chaos with ferocious drums and raucous riffs. Silky undertones of sultry bass, add a grub-glam finish to the late night texting confessions.

The rollicking track rallied the troops that march to the live shows, with every intention to sweat glitter off from the eyes in heady mosh.

Gushing over the eclectic atmosphere, the front-man exclaims “Maybe it’s the high energy… People love to go fucking mental at shows and people kick off to this track live. Love it!”

‘I never want to come down from this high’ rich vocals flow easily, on EP sidekick ‘These Nights’.

With undeniable swagger, a hip hop beat kicks with wavering bass and a slick electro lining. “It's about a holiday we took to Amsterdam last year...” Cody starts, “Things got a bit out of hand, and it quickly became one of our favourite cities on the map.

“It would have been a crime if we didn't write about it.”

‘I think the best bet is to just come to mine’ the boys flirt before spinning a tale of taking a trip to the eleventh floor, not catching the chick’s name, and stopping off for a cappuccino.

With a vibe so chill it’s almost on its back, but so infectious it reminisces of nights we couldn’t originally remember.

As the Brighton boy’s third EP “lyrically and musically explored new depths” with experience of a relentless touring schedule, they’ve “translated that energy into this new EP.”  

Diving head first into what it means to be a teenager today, it’s fast paced, unpredictable, and a turbulent whirlwind of tender moments that smash into the mental ones. Safe? Far from it.

There lies the beauty.“We didn't want to play it safe and get stuck in a corner of writing four same songs, just for 'marketing' reasons! We wanted to break the rules on this record.”

Its namesake channels punk angst with carnival festivities of sound, jubilant with catharsis. Unforgiving and uncaged, the tropical pop number secures a hook so strong you’re anchored into the progressive sound of High Tyde.

Whilst closer ‘Wine’ suggests that you don’t have to be old to be mature. Slinking with an old blues intro, rap vocals slide alongside skittering beats and into a glorious, guitar heavy, anthemic chorus. Though a surprise lays under the sheets, as the track meets its midpoint. Melancholy washes away the celebrations, leaving an airy layer of delicacy. Angelic whispers dance with gentle keys.

“It may not be the traditional way of things, but we do what we want and we love the unpredictability.

“When comparing it to our other EPs we have an affinity for the seasons.”

Cody explains, “FUZZ can be seen as spring with its rawer edge, GLOW is more summer with its feel good side, SAFE is more autumn with its slightly darker feel. Who knows maybe we'll put another EP out which has a winter sound to it?”

Refusing to reveal any more about the one night in Liverpool where one drink transformed into the 20 jagerbombs challenge, we leave it at that.

You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Safe EP is out now

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