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Album review: Broken Teeth - At Peace Amongst Chaos


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In the modern music industry, it’s immensely rare for a band to truly break through with a debut album.

The last heavy act to gain instant gratification from their first release was arguably Slipknot in the far-gone days of 1999.

But if any modern band has the potential to make their proverbial first step an unprecedented leap to success, it could easily be Manchester’s own Broken Teeth.

The young five-piece have already found themselves at an immensely enviable starting position, having signed with major metal label Nuclear Blast, alongside heavy legends like Slayer, Testament, Machine Head, Behemoth and Children of Bodom.

For Broken Teeth, the million dollar question becomes whether their forthcoming debut – At Peace Amongst Chaos – will make the band a worthy addition to Nuclear Blast’s canon.

The one word that instantly comes to mind when evaluating the album is simply “riffs”.

At Peace Amongst Chaos is a 33-minute, guitar-fuelled episode, perpetuating raw brutality.

The men behind Broken Teeth’s six-strings – Dave Egan and Matt Weston – infuse short, hardcore punk structure with groove/thrash metal aggression, resulting in a combination that limits classic metal soloing in favour of mid-paced and empowering chords.

Combine Egan and Weston’s guitar-work with Adam Kelly’s rhythmic drums and the bass of Nial Moran, and Broken Teeth showcases itself as a band practically genetically engineered for the live atmosphere: the music this group creates is perfect for any punk or metalhead.

Structurally, Broken Teeth’s songwriting is undoubtedly simplistic, with most tracks on At Peace Amongst Chaos centring around an individual riff, such as ‘Nothing Like You’ and ‘Lose My Grip’. But this is just one of many aspects that provides the entire album with an inherent punk rock mentality.

Broken Teeth’s artwork is drenched in hand-drawn anti-establishment imagery, combined with a basic band logo reminiscent of the Misfits.

The production feels raw, gritty and dirty, perfectly complimenting the sludge riffs and harsh, rough growls of lead vocalist Dale Graham. At Peace Amongst Chaos is a metal album dictated by punk rules: it’s heavy, powerful and intense, but meanwhile it is also driven by a DIY and anti-establishment ideology.

Broken Teeth’s debut album is quite simply a punch in the teeth: short, direct, brutal and unbridled. All you can hope to do is sit, lamenting on the intensity of what you’ve just experienced, wondering if or when a second blow comes about.

We can only hope it comes about very soon.

At Peace Amongst Chaos will be available physically and digitally on 6th May via Nuclear Blast Records.

Broken Teeth are playing four UK shows in June with Testament and Savage Messiah.

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