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Fresher Sounds - 03/05/2016


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UPDATED: Now with added Radiohead

This week has seen artists go from private to very public. Or, in the case of Radiohead, the complete opposite.

Mick HarveyBeyonce’s fan base have been in hysteria since Lemonade sparked rumours of Jay Z’s possible infidelity.

The twittersphere is intent on pinpointing ‘Becky with the good hair’, holding numerous females and Jake Gyllenhaal in the line of fire. Could it be more likely that given the average of 15 songwriters on board of each song (inc. Father John Misty?!) that the lyric in question is little more than a publicity stunt.

Blink 182’s Tom Delonge took to the internet to declare there could be a future between him and the band, though a sly dig at the latest album’s co-writing didn’t go amiss.

Oh and in true Thom Yorke style, Radiohead have pulled themselves from the internet entirely (only to start teasing new activity this morning).

Here are a pick of songs that are intent on staying in the public sphere… 

Update - Radiohead - Burn The Witch

As if to mess with the whole concept of our rather tenuous opening paragraphs, Radiohead have only gone and released a brand new song. And it's wonderous, a blend of electronic and orchestral sounds in a way that only Radiohead can deliver. It also has a freaky Trumpton meets The Wicker Man video.....

Mick Harvey - Don’t Say a Thing

Original Bad Seed member Mick Harvey reinstates his iconic status with his comeback to complete the third volume of his ambitious series of Serge Gainsbourg covers translated from French to English. 'Don’t Say a Thing', taken from Volume 3 – Delirium Dreams is flawlessly composed, cavorting drums and serene intertwining of male and female vocals doesn’t lose an ounce of the songs meaning.

Mura Masa – What if I Go?

Mura Masa has already been cited as one to watch, but he may have also produced the song of the summer. Featuring the soaring vocals of Bonzai, signed to his own label, a thick steel drum and cruising tropical chords, the artist who is fittingly named after a Japanese sword carves out a fresh cut of electronic pop.

The Hotelier – Soft Animal

The latest taste of The Hotelier’s highly awaited third studio album is an awakening for the Massachusetts based emo band. Vocalist Christian Holden's soaring voice makes for a truly eye-opening chorus. The words, ‘Make me feel alive, Make me believe that all my selves align’ rise up through the counterblast of drums and guitars, like the naive doe the poetic lyrics are so concerned with.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Most People

'Most People' is the first release taken from the collaborative Refugee album, a collection of unreleased original songs contributed by a range of cult artists in aid of Migrant Offshore Aid Station. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s moving lyrics and sombre voice capture all of the emotion of current events.

Lisbon Kid – Last Weekend

The second single from electronic duo Lisbon Kid’s forthcoming self-titled debut is a tranquil ambient number. Tony Bignell’s honest narrative stream of thought flows easily over the playful bass wired electronic backdrop, creating something that really wouldn’t be out of place on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Loa Loa – Monet

Brighton garage rockers Loa Loa burst onto the scene with feral grunge track 'Monet'. With attitude lauded vocals and fuzzy melodies aplenty, the track builds on the foundations of bands such as The Cribs and Drenge, providing an innovative take on the grunge genre.

JuJu – We Spit on Yer Grave

JuJu is the latest incarnation of Sicily based artist Gioele Valenti (Lay Llamas). Taken from the debut self-titled album, the primal track explores the ‘total defeat for humanity’ arising from the tragedies that occur at sea during the exodus from Africa, through the rhythmic outlet of repetitive tribal drums and dizzy psychedelic riffs.

Grawl!x – Kumquat

Derby’s Grawl!x are following up their 2015 debut album with newly announced Aye!, dropping this bubbly indie-pop single in the process. Inspired by an inviting piano on display in an abandoned church where the song-writing process took place, the band have forged out glistening harmonies with a distinctive pop edge.

Mhairi - Crystalline

Bournemouth’s Mhairi entices with harrowingly dark 'Crystalline'. The hugely atmospheric track encompasses deep synths and intimate vocals, building a sharp intensity that can only matched by its video, which raises awareness of ‘Pasung’, an ancient way to shackle the mentally ill that is still in use today.


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