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Fresher Sounds - 25/04/2016


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Seven Davis JnrAs if 2016 hadn’t stolen enough talent from us, it goes and steals Prince.

The legendary American musician who brought us the drunken karaoke classic 'Purple Rain' played a huge role in shaping the modern music industry, gaining seven Grammy’s and being, probably, the only artist who could get away with changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

As Prince joins the likes of  David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White and Paul Kantner in the big festival in the sky, I’m fearing that the Devil at the Crossroads had a 2016 clause in his contract.

Luckily there's enough awesome new music to help compensate for the creative hole 2016 has created..

Psychic Ills – Another Change

A decade on from their highly acclaimed debut Dins and a multitude of well received albums to follow, Psychic Ills are back with something a little more personal. Upcoming album Inner Journey Out’s second single is a serene gospel-influenced, psych number, held together by rousing bass and seamless backing vocals.

Jordan Max – Hell

Jordan Max is already making waves with his debut single ‘Hell’. Taking his inspiration from Ray Charles, Jordan taught himself the piano, ultimately resulting in this polished, timeless, soul number, which was written and recorded within the four walls of his bedroom. The Oldham raised talent misleads with a voice reaching to the mature depths of dark American soul.

Broncho – Senora Borealis

Vocalist Ryan Lindsey’s snarly vocals are as distinctive as always on the second offering from the bands forthcoming album Double Vanity. With groove heavy riffs, jagged bass and raw punk vocals the band create a fittingly hazy lo-fi driving song.

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang – Brother

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang prove they’re the masters of modern day storytelling on their new track 'Brother', taken from their soon to be released 7 Deadly 7 EP. The roaring folk single, which was produced by Guy Massey, tells the tale of a salesman selling dreams in an allegorical exploration of ‘the struggle of everyday life in a modern setting’  that defines the rest of the EP. English students take note.

Seven Davis Jr. – Church

House music protégée and all round “Soul Controller” Seven Davis Jr. is back with his first EP since his incredible debut album Universes. It’s an all-out clap-happy funk jam, with a rhythm forcing its way through dense drums and dancefloor friendly synths.

Grove Street Families – Back In The Game

Hey fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, have you ever wanted to know what a Las Venturas inspired hardcore band would sound like? Let me introduce Southampton hardcore mob G$4, Grove Street Families. Thrashing drums and aggressive bass leads gang chants of “Get down with the Grove Street”. They’re back in the game and want all of your neighbours to know.

Fangclub – BulletHead

It’s short, sharp and gripping – it’s 'Bullethead', the debut single from their forthcoming EP of the same name. It may be over in the space of two minutes but the Irish indie rockers create a whooping grunge drenched hook with raucous crowd-friendly vocals to match that manages to push your finger to repeat.

Formation – Pleasure

London dance pop duo Formation are building momentum for their debut album with every release. The twins create a gleaming pop hook and don’t shy away from the cow-bells in this high energy track landing in the creative realm of LCD Soundsystem. Watch this space.

Vienna Ditto – Ticks

'Ticks' is the lead single from the pop noir duo’s upcoming seven track EP. Guitarist Nigel Firth describes it as “a twitchy paranoid song about having your identity stolen by a friend”, which is seamlessly translated through its rockabilly riffs and hypnotic vocals.

Elvis Depressedly - Slip

Hailing from North Carolina, Elvis Depressedly release 'Slip' ahead of their forthcoming holo pleasures/ California dreamin’ LP, which contains a re-release of the highly praised 12-minute holo pleasures EP. Distant but eloquent lyrical delivery and eezy breezy cloudy guitar riffs set the tone on this lo-fi melancholy track.

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