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Fresher Sounds - 04/04/2016


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In the spirit of April Fools, Professor Green made us all realise that our names would not sound as funny in front of “Green Tea”, Texas launched new currency decorated with Willie Nelson’s face and Snoop Dogg teamed up with Youtube for #Snoopavision.

And obviously thousands of us fell victim to the inevitable Rick Roll.

Aside from the pranks, social media censorship caused Slutface to become Slotface but the band insist they are simply tricking the internet and certain outdated views that have denied them opportunities and have not abandoned their political message.

Let these new tunes help you recover from the woes of falling for the most blatantly obvious April Fools.

Unqualified Nurse Band – You Pulled Through

A lot of good noise has been emerging from the East Midlands recently and these guys are no exception. Laced with distorted guitars and searing vocals, this fast-paced heavy punk blitzkrieg of sound from the recently released Dilemma Blues EP.

Acid Tongue – i died dreaming

This dreamy Seattle outfit have re-released their debut single ‘i died dreaming’ as part of their first formal release of the same name. Free flowing guitar riffs and charismatic laid back vocals fuel this fuzzy psychedelic track.

The Big Moon – Cupid

Fresh from a tour with the Maccabees, newest single ‘Cupid’ sees the euphoric indie rockers transition from supporting act to big deal, bang on time for their first headline tour. The quartet tease with a slow build up, leading into Juliette Jackson's swagger-heavy delivery and ooo’s that will ring out right to the back of the crowd.

Gold Panda – In My Car

Gold Panda takes the listener on an ambient journey through song on the second single from forthcoming Good Luck and Do Your Best. The producer's craftwork combines Japanese influences with his trademark relaxed electronic sounds. Whilst we’re all missing our grandparents as the term drags on, the video starring his actual Grandma will remind us of the warmth of our own.


Wire – Internal Exhale

While most bands from their era are doing just so after settling down, ‘Internal Exhale’ proves the longevity of punk legends Wire. Taken from upcoming mini-album Nocturnal Koreans, which is comprised of material left over from 2015’s Wire, the eery whines of "march" set onto a backdrop of simmering steel guitars are bound to keep you up all night.


Xenia Rubinos – Lonely Lovely

Ahead of debut Black Cat, 'Lonely Lovely' captures all of Xenia Rubino's New York soul with her mesmerising voice. Reminiscent of early Amy Winehouse, this sophisticated easy beat-led track flexes Xenia’s vocals across a range of genres but would ultimately sound best in one of the speakeasy jazz clubs that are sneaking their way onto campus.

Nothing – Eaten By Worms

Nothing’s latest offering is dark, heavy and moulded by experience. Driven by angst powered guitars and lyrics loaded with the pains of letting go, the acclaimed at-rock band promise big things from upcoming album Tired of Tomorrow.


Vodun – Mawu

Packed full of surprises, ‘Mawu’ pairs transcending female vocals with bass fuelled rock straight from the mid 90s. Taken from debut album Possession, full and feisty riffs, translate the power of Mawu, “the moon, the creator of the world, the passion of fertility and grower of life and beauty who lives within us all.”

Slotface – Sponge State

Fresh-faced Norwegian feminists Slutface fought social media censorship and lost, now they are armed with new EP Sponge State and known as Slotface. Providing an anthem for our apathetic, disengaged generation, the catchy hooks in this sugar-coated punk track prove the band can change their name, but their sound cannot be altered.

Tom Redwood – I’ve Fallen for You

Swedish artist Tom Redwood debut single marks a promising entrance onto the electronic scene. The 3 minute and 17 second track is a sultry yet bittersweet love story, exposing a softer atmosphere that is often ignored by the mainstream genre.

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