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Hear This: Albin Lee Meldau - Lou Lou


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We’ve heard it a million times. Acoustic guitar and a yearning voice about an enslaving love.

A guy talking about a girl, with some nifty chords and a tempo change midway.

Hailing from Sweden, Albin Lee Meldau’s debut single ‘Lou Lou’ manages to nail the sentiment, without acting as a Nytol.

Sparse production complements soft percussion that feels tender beneath his strong, husked vocals.

Roughed with their rawness, Meldau’s unique voice catches like a burning flame.

Where hints of gospel flow, and a folksy love story is spun, quieter moments are captured in a whirlwind of momentary anger. Understated, but lovely, a poppy fast flowing middle perks the track with charisma.

Albin Lee Meldau is an artist who bares all with confidence, more than ready to be introduced to the world and tell his story.

An exciting debut from an unstoppable voice that needs no frills to achieve its flair.

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