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Fresher Sounds - 11/01/16


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It’s the first column of 2016, and it's one wrapped in sadness!

The week's since our last column have seen a spate of music legends leave this mortal coil - just today it was announced that untouchable legend David Bowie passed away, following Lemmy, John Bradbury of the Specials and Guru Josh over the festive period.

Despite this 2016 is already looking strong for music with offerings already from Kanye, Radiohead and Bowie (R.I.P).

Hey, this may be the first article you read about music that doesn’t talk about Adele. Oh wait.

Rory Fresco – Lowkey

18-year-old producer and rapper, Rory Fresco, from Kansas City got more than he bargained for as his week-old, smooth release blew up overnight. With a gorgeous hook, it’s not so low-key anymore.


Smerz – Because

It’s impossible not to fall into the honey trap of the beautifully constructed abstract pop of Smerz. The Copenhagen based duo combine exhilarating bass and silky vocals with slick and pristine production. This melodic track is totally hypnotic.

The Assist – Love

These lads from Walsall are spreading the love with their latest single. Edged with a cocky British attitude, the track kicks with a stylish swagger. Repetitive, juicy lyrics lay the base for an infectious hook full of frenzied energy. Glitchy electronica and a nifty riff make it a guaranteed earworm.

Joel Wells – Harmony

This one belongs on a dancefloor in outer space, in a place where alt-pop has been reinvented and it’s somehow both serious and playful at the same time. Glitchy techno beats flinch alongside bold, almost theatrical vocals that glide like on ice. Switching between dainty to frantic, there are no boundaries in this synth laced life.

Weatherstate – Piss It All Away

Now, don’t be deterred by the track name. Taking influence from Weezer, the Bristol four-piece tackle their flaws and self-critiques. Urgent vocals, gnarly riffs and moody tempo changes make it a guaranteed hit for the indie/alt floor on a Tuesday night. It has that teenage angsty vibe. Check out their new EP Dumbstruck out 22nd January.

Rosie Lowe – Woman

Hotly tipped Rosie Lowe triumphs in her defining statement about the powers of modern femininity on the revealing track of her debut album ‘Control’. Glorious RnB tinged vocals brim with soul, as an alluring depth is created with minimalist, tender beats that find their strength and flourish. A sweet rhythm carries a slight groove, as Rosie’s personality shines bright.

Iggy Azalea – Azillion

This is a ‘Buzz Track’ for her ‘Ratz’. Dizzy trap beats pound against strong synths as the Australian rapper gives it every ounce of attitude. With lyrics about guacamole and Cheerios, she manages to slay. Not sure how. But she does. Clicks ‘repeat’ azillion times. The track comes ahead of forthcoming album Digital Distortion.

YEASAYER – I Am Chemistry

As the lead track for their forthcoming, fourth album Amen & Goodbye, it’s a psychedelic adventure that only goes forward. Enveloping electronica and making the most of a vast and vibrant soundscape, 'I Am Chemistry' surges with energy and revives pop music. The track features guest vocals from folk singer Suzzy Roche. Be sure to check out the amazing visuals and experience the full journey…

Teen – Tokyo

Think of a 60’s girl group. Add electronica, extra sass and a bag load of confidence. The story of a man who fantasises about leaving his wife after clinging to societal obsession with youth culture. The strongly political track about age is smooth and glistens with glossy vocals. Flirty.

Public Memory – Ringleader

Brooding darkness permeates Brooklyn based, Robert Toher’s, latest single. Under the name of Public Memory, there’s a sense of foreboding and a caution to ignore. Ringleader balances delicate piano keys against hip hop beats, flirting with dub sensibilities. It’s gothic touch shimmers, setting a wonderful tone for the forthcoming debut album Wuthering Drum out 18th March .


Elevant – Audience

On one of their first peeks into their third album There is a Tide, set for release in March, the Liverpool three-piece ramp up the energy. Starting as a brooding, psych pop swirl of hushed vocals the band reach their peak and race into a post punk frenzy. Play it loud. Play it proud.

BABEL – Portraits ft. Dom Robinson

If you’re needing a relaxing break from the step back to reality this January, immerse into the wonderful Portraits. It has the power to both give you the chills, and chill you out. Remember, BABEL is king of hangover chill. Icy layers delicately weave into each other; water droplets, hip hop beats, minimal keys and sleek, soulful vocals from Dom Robinson forming a large and free soundscape.

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