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Live Review: Don Broco @ Plug, Sheffield (04/12/15)


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Masked by an atmospheric smoke screen and flooded with a deep purple light, the stage was set for Don Broco's dramatic return to a tour after completing the festival circuit earlier in the summer. The crowd was ready, and the band were not going to disappoint.

Don BrocoLiterally jumping into their first number, the energy was high from both the on-stage performers as well as the expectant crowd that watched on. Front-man Rob Damiani dominated the stage from the very onset, commanding a presence that would have been equally as captivating if the band were playing stadiums or small, intimate venues. There was a spark in his eye, and the crowd were laping up every word he sang.

Remaining humble throughout the set, the band's lead singer repeatedly urged "sing along if you know the words", almost always met by a deafening accompaniment of audience voices bellowing their lyrics back onto the stage.

Each time all members of the band appeared suprised and honoured, clearly enjoying both performing and the fact the audience were in love with their music.

After a few high octane numbers, each as impressive as the last, something rather perculiar happened. A natural parting seemed to crop up in the crowd and suddenly around 20 men were on the floor performing push-ups. Later dubbed by Damiani as "Sheffield's push up squad", the incident occured at multiple incidents throughout the night. Yet something about this strange ritual seemed natural in this environment, and added a new dimension to the gig.

Entering the title track of their album, the crowd went wild. Screaming and shouting, the band's energy seemed to reflect that of the audience - giving a performance that was filled with jumping, dancing and lots and lots of energy.

It was then that the pace was slowed and two girls were welcomed onto the stage. Given the microphone and a chance to talk, the crowd watched on intrigued and in wonder as to what may occur. It was then that a knee was bent and the words "will you marry me?" were uttered through the microphone. The crowd erupted in cheers and happiness before the word yes had even been mentioned. When her fiance to be responded with a yes, even more cheers and noise erupted as it was then the audience realised that we had just witnessed the proposal of two girls madly in love. A beautiful moment for all.

As the band continued their sets, mosh pits aplenty, their energy never once broke. The crowd and the band seemed in tune with each other - slowing and speeding in sync with each other, showing the testiment that Don Broco have for their fans.

The high energy, amazing live vocals and crowd interaction all blended into a cornucopia of excitement and fun that meant the gig was an amazing experience, and define Don Broco as a must see band whenever the chance arises.

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