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Fresher Sounds - 23/11/2015


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Apparently Hannah Montana has been turning in her grave this week. Miley Cyrus was at it again.

In other news we saw Adele not be Adele but be Jenny, an Adele impersonator in a brilliant prank as part of 25 celebrations.

Benjamin Clementine picked up the Mercury Prize Award 2015, and also landed himself the title of ‘best cheekbones’ from yours truly.

Then Coldplay announced a stadium tour, and all good moods were smashed. I joke. Ish.

Daudi Matsiko – Sandwiches

I was very hungry while going through my inbox this week, so it’s no wonder this track title caught my eye. What’s that saying about the best way to a heart being through the stomach? Well, anyway, it worked. Daudi’s interesting and enticing take on hushed folk is instantly beautiful. Soulful, emotive vocals wave over a piano sequence that envelops you. It’s both comforting and inviting.


Fifi Rong – Since When

This Beijing born, London-based artist and producer has nailed her trademark hybrid sound. Working it into the EP title Violently Silently a dark undertone rubs beneath, though on the exterior there’s an introverted side to Fifi’s music. Sultry tones and a light soundscape allows ‘Since When’ to sleek with elegance. With a delicate sense of brutality, it sits on edge ready for explosion. Would never have put her down as working with Skepta, though.

The Echo and the Always – History of Trees

Taken from their debut album …And After That The Dark, the Welsh five-piece have released a new video for ‘History of Trees’. Drawing inspiration from the poem ‘Crossing The Bar’ by Alfred Tennyson, the track dives into the truth about mental health.  ‘She’s been fighting with ghosts and coming up black and blue’ vocals lap over layers upon layers of electric instruments, smoothing shoegaze melodies. Classic strings meet rock riffs and folk rhythm with a pop shine.

Daniel Cherney – Creation

‘Sloppiness is welcomed in my work’ says Daniel Cherney. Which problem explains the muffled bassline, inserts of white noise and beats that fidget into a rhythm. The Czech born musician chops up samples and produces tracks on a whim of improvisation. Taken from forthcoming EP Portals, set for release in the new year, ‘Creation’ is ready to be injected into a club.

Muncie Girls – Gas Mark 4

Exeter’s Muncie Girls have already received backing from Mark Hoppus in the form of a tweet, so that’s that. Producing sugarcoated punk rock music, they sprinkle a cutesy glittering over their self-awareness as young adults, and all of its awkwardness. ‘I didn’t think it through, just like everything I ever do’ declares Lande Hekt, all innocent and light with a devious edge. These guys are cool. Like a newly born Paramore. Try and catch the Sylvia Plath reference.

The Dunwells – Hey Now

Coming from the announcement of their new album Light up the Sky, 'Hey Now' has lyrics that flow from the heart delivered with a soothing and powerful melody with anthemic flair.

Dolores Haze – Touch Me

When the first thing you hear about the band is that they have ‘an unfuckwithable attitude’ then you just have to check them out. The four-piece from Stockholm are coming out of the woodworks with their lo-fi alt grunge sound. Latest single ‘Touch Me’ carries retro-electro melancholy, and muddy guitar. Its fuzzy bassline weaves with muffled lyrics ‘I don’t need your hands to touch me’…

Frances – Borrowed Time

Now, Frances is a soulful songstress we’ve been following for a while. Imagine the delight when she dropped her latest single written with Howard Lawrence from Disclosure. The track’s minimal piano keys twist in the right ways, allowing room for luscious beats to freefall around Frances’ silky vocals. Showcasing both musician’s melodic talents, the gloriously sparkly chorus is an uplifting one that you’ll actually be thankful to have stuck in your head.

Pertini – Ally Pally

London has its ups and downs. It’s basically a massive mood swing. Paying homage to the city and all of its pros and cons, electro duo Pertini use it as a canvas and paint over it with a little irony and humour. Their catchy pop electronica captures the sound of 2015 with upbeat, fun loving rhythm and a forceful tempo. Fizzing with eccentricity, there’s bright personality. Check out the stop motion video.

PROSE –Run With Faith

PROSE really do toy with hometown hookworms. The Manchester-based trio take their humble truths of nitty gritty city life and fly the flag for rapping with raw material. As the lead single from debut EP ‘What If?’ their rap is accompanied by almost dreamy chorus. With a coming of age attitude, their exciting dynamics mean that this won’t be the last time you hear their prose.

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