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Introducing: Frances


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There has been an abundance of young acoustic singer/songwriters over the past couple of years, that’s impossible to deny. All come with the same promise of raw lyricism of heart break, wise beyond their years, and poignant falsetto.

Frances recently celebrated turning 22, a mighty success on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and capturing the hearts of the nation via the advert. That lil kid though. Cutie.

Debut single ‘Grow’ highlights self-proclaimed ‘singer-songwriter/piano woman’ Frances’ gorgeously simplistic approach to making music, with no added frills.

Lyrics are brave from the core and outwards, penned with confidence with no qualms. Even when confessing her deepest thoughts.

To open a debut single with such honesty ‘Don’t put your eyes down, you’re not to blame. I know there are stories, you can’t explain. But if I should find you black and blue, and aching from crying. I’ll wait with you.’ has been applauded and appreciated.

As the Liverpool based musician has become a rock for many.



A couple of months back, Frances released her debut EP of the same name with Communion Records. A sixteen-minute down-tempo journey, radiating power and beauty with dramatic urgency.

Vocals surge with a purpose, an unstoppable motive to tell a story. ‘A million lines for a million hearts’ slices through intricate keys, filled with soul on ‘A Million Lines’.

Ranging from delicate whispers to perfuse peak, there are quiet moments of wavering tension. Redeemed by a careful take of control to big and bold movements.

Teaming up with electro pop group Ritual on ‘When It Comes To Us’ they put an RnB twist on angelic. The delicious male/female vocal connection blends like caramel – smooth and velvety.

Textures lather gloriously, with frequent electronic beats, cooing harmony and smooth synth.

‘It really shouldn’t work but it does.’ 

Taking the short, but sweet back catalogue on the road, from supporting slots with Sam Smith, to various festival slots, to appearing alongside Tenterhook on the Communion ‘New Faces’ tour – audiences have been left bewitched.

Enticed even by the live demo of ‘Red Thunder’. Frances’ voice is triumphant, bold and by no means shy.

Her piano led ballads provide insightful wisdom, stripped back to the roots and power of minimalism. Shimmering keys weave infectious melody, with purity.

Calming but alerting, she shines a light on flaws and humanity, and how a little support goes a long way.

Making her music tangible. Alive, but fully aware.

It’s no disappointment that the serenading songbird hasn’t already revealed near finished work on the second EP. This time she’s worked with a full string band too.

So there’s no better time to take a long intake of breath, press play, and then release the emotions.

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