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Hear This: FTSE - This Is Life


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Photo credit Victor Frankowski

FTSE has dropped his new single. No, I’m not referring to the Financial Times Stock Exchange. In fact the name stands for ‘Fuck The System, Ennit’. Standard.

Stripped from the forthcoming debut full length Joyless, musical magician Sam Manville makes a political statement on ‘This Is Life’.

Caged in a standard pop framework, ‘This Is Life’ is spotted with upbeat dub and groovy melody.

Fine production leaves room for big techno movements and hip hop rhythm.

If anybody tells it how it is, it’s a Midlander. A cocky half northern/half southern accent is spread thickly in boyish rap and spoken word.

‘This is life man, nah it ain’t no glorified fantasy. It’s the majority of the people round here’s reality’

Harmonising with angelic, sleek female vocals, the duo infuse in kicked back energy.

Meeting for clap along chant, there’s a furious sense of unity.

Commenting on capitalism, drugs, youth and boredom the urgency fuses into a dance anthem.

So, fuck the system and have a dance at a club mid-week. 

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