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Fresher Sounds -31/07/2015


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Darwin DeezAfter a week dominated by predictable and tedious disputes between artists, I feared my introduction would be more tenuous than usual. 

Thankfully, Ice Cube was on hand to save the day with the news that a Dr. Dre album is imminent. Yes you read correctly, Detox, hip hop’s Chinese Democracy may see a release as early as tomorrow. 

I for one, will believe it when I see it, but an album from hip hop’s richest and most influential figure will be sure to dominate the airwaves for months to come. Let’s hope he hasn’t lost his touch.

The optimists among you can look forward to Dre’s appearance in next week's round-up, but these tracks will scratch your new music itch in the meantime:

Bring Me The Horizon - Throne

Bring Me The Horizon’s influences are plain to see on their latest song. Drawing heavily from Meteora era Linkin Park, ‘Throne’ combines synth heavy, rock instrumentation with gruff vocal hooks. It may sound dangerously close to ‘Faint,’ but there are far worse tracks to borrow from.

Bête Noire - Bile

You may want to plug your headphones in before listening to this track from post punk potty mouths Bête Noire. ‘Bile’ combines distorted guitars and snarling vocals in a song that is infectious yet sinister.

 Darwin Deez - Time Machine

Darwin Deez returns with his quirky take on indie pop. An upbeat drumbeat accompanies his signature style of angular guitar riff in a song about making up with a friend after a fall-out. If you can overlook some questionable lyrics, the song is an effortlessly catchy gem.

Slaves - Sockets

The latest offering from Slaves is exactly the kind of infectious anarchy that you’d expect from the Tunbridge Wells punks. Written about a woman so attractive ‘you could hear your eyes rolling around in their sockets,’ the track combines a high octane guitar riff with Isaac Holman’s acerbic yet infectious vocals. 

Muru Masa - Lovesick Fuck

The eccentric and brilliant 18-year-old Muru Masa continues to surprise and delight us with his unique take on electronic music. ‘Lovesick Fuck’ is led by a jittering piano melody and off kilter steel drum beat, with a swirling saxophone riff perfectly complimenting the tracks R&B vocals.

 Lum - Kissing

This experimental electro-pop track from Toronto’s Lum is peculiar yet undeniably catchy. After a lo-fi introduction, the track transforms into a psychedelic dance number led by dreamy falsetto vocals.

Lianne La Havas - Tokyo

With her second album arriving this week, Lianne La Havas has treated us to another sample of her new work. Hypnotic guitars and an eccentric beat drive the track, making for a funky take on loneliness.

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