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Fresher Sounds - 21/07/2015


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For once, a week passed without incident in the world of music. 

It’s rare that a week passes without any controversy, but unless you consider Louis Tomlinson reproducing news, the world of music has taken a backseat.

With the big film news that inevitably followed Comicon taking most of the spotlight, there was hardly any room for the usual controversies.

All this makes this opening section more tenuous than usual!

Basically, there's a lot of new music coming out which is awesome, and here's our pick from the last week. 

Micachu and the Shapes - Oh Baby

Now here’s a band that truly defy convention. ‘Oh Baby’ is a lo-fi, experimental number built around a hypnotic beat and a minimalistic synth melody as Mica Levi’s coarse vocals haunt the piece.


Cruisr - Throw Shade

Here’s some sun-kissed electro-pop courtesy of Philly quartet Cruisr. Using the same sort of angular riffs that turned Two Door Cinema Club into a household name, Cruisr are treading on familiar, yet infectious ground.


Jamie Brooks - Sea of Thorns

This dreamy pop track from LA newcomer Jamie Brooks announces an act worth keeping an eye on. Brook’s soft, apathetic vocals are layered over a simple guitar melody that disguises the melancholy of the lyrics.


Chinah - Away From Me

This genre-defying track from Copenhagen three-piece Chinah is the perfect introduction to the band. Drawing from elements of R&B and folk, the track is a chilled out yet hook heavy take on pop. 

Years & Years - Ties

Years & Years have finally unveiled their new album revealing some new gems. The newest highlight comes courtesy of ‘Ties’ a funky, track driven by vocal hooks and shimmering synths.


Wavves - Way Too Much

Wavves frontman Nathan Williams does not shy away from controversy. The unveiling of the band’s new single came with a threat to release their forthcoming album for free online should record label Warner Bros. remove it from Soundcloud. ‘Way Too Much’ is an up-tempo, hook-heavy garage rock track filled with shimmering riffs and anthemic vocals.

Cloves - Don’t You Wait

This ballad from Australian artist Cloves is a sensual track marked by an understated beauty. ‘Dont You Wait,’ the 19-year-old's second ever release, is built around Cloves’ powerful, emotive vocals, with the soft guitar providing an understated accompaniment.


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