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What can't you live without at a music festival?


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Sleeping bag? Hand sanitizer? Rain poncho?

Chances are, if you’ve ever been to a music festival, these items will have been lurking somewhere in your full-to-the-brim rucksack.

Well, if you were organised, that is.

Surprisingly, none of these items feature in a list of festival essentials. A survey conducted by Best Offers Bingo asked 1,000 people across the UK: ‘What is the one thing you can’t live without at a festival?’

The top ten responses were:

1) Music: 15.5%

Well... obviously.

2) Alcohol: 11.4%

Reading Festival simply wouldn’t be the same without the free bag of questionable alcohol on arrival now would it?

3) Water: 7.6%

Yes. Slightly essential. Just slightly.

4) Toilet: 5.9%

Get in, get out, and whatever you do, don’t look down.

5) Food: 5.3%

Why is it that those curly fries taste so good after a long day of stage-hopping?

6) A tent: 3.7%

Open air camping is absolutely not suitable for festivals. Don't try it. 

7) Wet wipes: 3.3%

Probably a safer bet than the showers.

8) Mobile phone: 3.1%

A festival is no place for an iPhone. Got an old Nokia brick? Sorted. Nothing can destroy it.  

9) Wellies: 2.9%

It doesn’t matter if it’s muddy or not. No other shoes will cut it.

10) Toilet paper: 2%

Stand outside the toilets with a roll of loo paper and you’ll instantly become everyone’s best friend.

Magical stuff, toilet paper.

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