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Hear This: Nova Heart - Lackluster No.


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Nova Heart

Nova Heart are kind of a big deal over in China. Soon, they could be reaching world domination. That’s if the trio’s first single has anything to do with it.

I mean, they already have a slot at Glastonbury.

Lifted from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Lackluster No.’ shimmers with elements of Beijing culture.

Partly spoken in Chinese, soulful vocal tones barely whisper, complimenting graceful electronica.

Icily stitching simple psychedelic guitar with a bassline from the future, these girls are the pinnacle of cool rock music.

Slightly menacing electronic beats press on until they reach the midway point, where they ease into a subtly groovy rhythm.

With crisp, sharp production Nova Heart are sleek, graceful and have a way of getting into your head. 

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