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Fresher Sounds - 27/05/2015


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Last week went just about as well as we all expected.

After years of disappointment, Britains failure in the Eurovision song contest should come as no surprise.

Many people dismiss Eurovision as an overblown popularity contest, suggesting our failuire is the result of an anti-English bias.

Yet for a country famed as the second biggest exporter of music in the world, it’s clear that Britain’s music industry would rather steer clear of the event, with the closest thing to a credible entry in recent times coming from Blue as they reunited for one last pay-cheque in 2011.

Given how quickly even the successful Eurovision contestants slip into irrelevance, can you really blame people for not wanting a part of it?

More to the point, why should we care? Our banal, manufactured pop artists don’t need a pompous international singing contest to become stars, they just need Simon Cowell.

After a night of truly terrible songs, we’ve collected some of the week’s best tunes to provide some well needed ear bleach

Hudson Mohakwke - Scud Books

This triumphant track from Hudson Mohawke is eccentric and euphoric in equal measure. Fusing bombastic brass instruments with squelched synths and a trap beat, ‘Scud Books’ makes a mockery of genre conventions, proving exactly why Kanye West signed the producer to his label, 'GOOD Music.'

Jamie XX ft Young Thug - I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)

Jamie XX’s In Colour is quickly becoming one of our albums of the year. The latest gem to be unearthed from the album comes courtesy of a collaboration with Young Thug. Continuing the nostalgic tendency of his previous tracks, Jamie XX samples the persuasions 1972 single ‘Good Times,’ fusing it with two verses from Young Thug that showcase the rapper’s pop credentials.

A$AP Rocky - LSD

A$AP Rocky is not afraid of discussing his hedonistic lifestyle, recently claiming to have had three orgies on LSD during SXSW festival this year. This makes his latest track all the more pertientent. Rapping over a psychedelic backing track, Rocky alternates between a slow, hazy vocal melodies and spitting with a hypnotic flow.


Jaws - Bad Company

There has always been a grungy edge to Jaws’ sound, but the Birmingham four piece bring it into focus with their latest single, ‘Bad Company.’ The gritty track is dominated by fierce, fuzzy guitars, but the band maintain their pop sensibilities through an infectious chorus led by Conor Schofield's distinctive vocals.

Dr. Dre - 2 Night (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jeremih)

Many of us never thought we’d hear a new Dr. Dre track. But the latest in a series of rap leaks has unearthed a demo featuring a young Kendrick Lamar.  Unlike many of the recent leaks, ‘2 Nightt’ is a crisp, polished track that proves Dre hasn’t lost his touch. Detox is still nowhere in sight, but with ‘Beats by Dre’ earning Dre over $600 million last year, can you really blame him?

Keyes - Veins

This debut from 18-year-old songwriter Keyes has quickly turned heads. ‘Veins’ is a dark electro pop song that uses minimalistic, brooding production to emphasise Keyes’ emotive and fragile vocals. Keep an ear out for this newcomer.

Maribou State -Wallflower

Maribou State are anything but predictable as they continue to experiment with the limitations of genre. Their latest song, ‘Wallflower’ is ambient music you can dance to, with the track’s whirling melodies and warped vocals building to an intense climax.

Yukon Blonde - Como

This catchy indie rock track from Canada’s Yukon Blonde is filled with summery effervescence. Fast paced, eccentric and hook heavy - ‘Como’ is here to sure up this year’s party playlist.

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