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Fresher Sounds - 18/05/2015


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The world of music lost one of it’s leading lights last week.

Blues legend BB King passed away in his sleep on Friday, sending shockwaves throughout the music world, prompting musicians to pay tribute to the king of the blues.

His unique style was instantly recognisable, and did more to shape the genre than any artist before or since.

To King, the ethos of blues was one of unity, and when asked about the blues, he said: "I am trying to get people to see that we are our brother’s keeper. Red, white, black, brown or yellow, rich or poor, we all have the blues."

Few people shared King’s affinity for the blues, and his love affair with the genre was a simple one, free from the extravagance of rock and jazz as his artistry spoke for itself- a beautiful conversation between a man and his guitar.

Alongside our usual selection of new music, make sure to play a BB King song and remember one of music’s all time greats.


Fizzy Blood - January Sun

Fizzy Blood’s hook-filled take on punk is as fun as it is fierce. Fusing vocal melodies with explosive punk rock riffs, ‘January Sun’ sounds like Queen of The Stone Age after a binge on British indie rock.


Omoh - Both

You may not expect a band like Omoh to come from Colombia.  Their blissful, delicate acoustic sound is a far cry from the bosa nova and tango that has come to define Latin American music, but it is not an unwelcome departure. On ‘Both’ a simple guitar melody meanders throughout the song, complementing the haunting vocals to create a wonderfully understated piece.

Gigamesh - The Music

With summer just around the corner, artists are quickly lining up to soundtrack your holidays. This offering from veteran producer Gigamesh is certain to jump to the top of many a summer playlist. ‘The Music’ is a feel good dance track inflected with Gigamesh’s trademark disco-dance sound.


Run The Jewels - Early

This politically charged track from Run the Jewels tackles the highly pertinent topic of police corruption and brutality. Rapping over a dark electronic beat, the duo pair the track with a video filled with protest imagery, reinforcing their vocal stance against police brutality.

Metric - The Shade

They’ve been pretty quiet in the last few years, but electro-indie outfit Metric are finally back. Their latest track ‘The Shade’ continues the band’s tendency to stick to their tested formula, but when they sound this good, can we really blame them?


Powers - Beat of My Drum

Here’s some shamelessly catchy electro-pop courtesy of LA duo Powers. With a sound that is a cross between Foster The People and Maroon 5, their penchant for a catchy chorus comes as no surprise. ‘Beat of My Drum’ is bursting with radio ready summer vibes-this won’t be the last time you hear this song.


Jude Shuma - Wondering

This single from Chicago’s Jude Shuma seems tailor-made for a TV dream sequence. ‘Wondering’ is built around a sexy, brooding bass line, putting a dramatic turn on the minimalistic yet psychedelic track.


Haiku Salut - Bleak & Beautiful (All Things)

Derbyshire three-piece Haiku Salut continue to defy the restrictions of genre with their gorgeous new track, ‘Bleak & Beautiful.’ Taken from the band’s forthcoming album, Etch and Etch Deep, the track opens with ambient, minimalistic synths before giving way to carnival-esque folk melody.


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