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Interview: Luke Sital-Singh


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Rising to fame following an impeccable debut album, The Fire Inside, and an impressive run with BBC Introducing, Sital-Singh is undoubtely one of Britain’s best voices.

Luke Sital-Singh

Serving as the crown jewel of the album is 'I Have Been A Fire', a delicate and raw song that distorts into, as the song suggests, a full blown inferno. Soaked in falsetto and lyrics worthy of a Penguin Classic, every song on this debut is worth the listen.

Sital-Singh is the soundtrack of evening and probably a fair few soppy romantic couples.

His organic sound grew within Luke following a degree in Professional Musicianship in Brighton. The fact that he doesn’t come from a musically dedicated family background makes the whole situation a little bit more honest and real.

From picking up his first guitar to producing his debut album after three EP’s, the self-taught musician worked alongside producer Iain Archer (Jake Bugg).

Having previously supported The Staves and Fossil Collective, with a handful of headline tours, Luke is about to conclude his time supporting Villagers on their UK tour, concluding at the Barbican.

“I’ve never played at a venue so big it has its own tube station”, Luke laughs. We catch him just outside the Barbican and notice the amount of passersby taking a second look.

“I usually don’t get too nervous but today there’s a lot of technological problems so I’m a little rattled”.

“London crowds can actually be less receptive. It completely depends on whether I’m opening for someone else and what fans they have,” Luke tells me.

“Villagers have a very respectful audience and it helps when it’s a seated venue. People come with a little bit more calm and reverence and don’t tend to talk.”

This is all said in reference to when Luke has performed and had his crowds talk all the way through his set.

"I think London can be a bit “too cool” for support acts sometimes and don’t like "liking" things.”

The singer could count on some reception though, with his parents arriving to watch him perform and stress him out.

Lyrics to Luke are a quintessential part of writing music. Obviously so, when you take time to sit and listen to what Luke has to say.

“For me lyrics are really important. I listen to a lot of music to inspire the sound but read a lot of poetry and ingest a lot of beautiful words for lyrics. It helps a lot when I’m sat down to a blank page. Words with worth mean a lot to me."

“Billy Collins is probably my favourite writer. I think he was the poet laureate in the States for two terms. It's not hard to understand and its all about normal life and sheds these little things that make you think a different way.”

" I don’t want to write lyrics that are overly poetic and no one understands but I don’t want to be bland when I write.”

One of the highlights on The Fire Inside is '21st Century Heartbeat', which Luke describes as “a big moan on life and what it means to care about things”.

“I find myself going through the news and feeling very numb about everything. Theres too much information to chose to care about. I love technology and gadgets and gizmos, but i see myself being addicted to them and not liking that. It’s a whinge at the world.”

In an ever-moving, accelerating world, creative processes will inevitably end up changing. Luke explains how he tries to force himself to use a notepad and pencil but always ends up writing lyrics on his phone when he’s out and about.

"I love the romanticism of typewriters but it gets so difficult to create so when you’re on the road. I tend to shut off the internet when I’m recording."

“I get kind of disconnected from the meanings of my songs when i perform them over and over but when I’m writing it comes from a very personal place and mean a lot to me. The ones that mean the most to me always connect well with audiences."

We don’t keep Luke for much longer, allowing him breathing time before residing on the Barbican’s stage, but chat about what to expect from the singer/songwriter in the next year.

"I have a new EP that’s finished which is coming out this summer. its the most me thing I’ve done in a long time. I feel very confident about it, more so than my album. Hopefully that’ll lead to some new things.”

Listen to Luke’s debut album The Fire Inside, on iTunes and Spotify now.

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