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Live Review: Little Comets @ The Library (07/03/15)


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Little CometsIt wasn’t hard to spot Birmingham’s Institute on Saturday night, as just about every teen in town flocked towards the venue for Little Comets.

In the heart of Digbeth, the atmosphere got giddier by the second, and it was all on record on Snapchat.

It’s easy to sit at home, look at the clock and think ‘nah, I’ll miss the support band’. If you decided to do this on Saturday night before heading out to see Little Comets, you’ll now know that you made a huge mistake.

Scotland’s Model Aeroplanes may look small, but these boys are loud and have every right to be. Infectious beats and clever song writing meet in clever structure as they make pop music their very own.

Oozing energy the quartet fed off the crowd, cheekily confident and at ease on stage. Tracks 'Electricity' and 'Crazy' just about do the ticket in defining their live set.

Kicking off the set with new offering 'The Gift of Sound', Geordie trio Little Comets ultimately grabed the crowd's attention from the off. Fizzling with teenage energy, slightly awkward movements spread across the near sell out crowd.

By the chorus, one by one armswere in the air, lifted by the bands infectious groove.

No strangers to the live area, they have nailed and rehearsed their simple yet effective positions on stage, with little engagement they focus solely on what they do best. Impressive three-part harmonies dazzled with the band’s chemistry.

'Little Italy', 'Worry', 'Jennifer' and 'Tricolour' built an atmosphere on pure fun and enjoyment. Their signature upbeat rhythm and catchy chords captured why indie is great. And why it’s great without the added fancy trimmings dressing it up.

Mixing the old with the new is easy to do considering the Newcastle lot’s vast wealth of material. Skipping between old albums and EPs and debuting recent material from impressive Hope is a State of Mind had the crowd eating out of their hands.

'B&B’s melodic rhythm weaved through the air, whilst the slightly angsty vibe from 'Fundamental Little Things' highlighted the maturity of Little Comet’s evolution.

'My Boy William' demonstrated true vocal range in marvellous falsetto, with the personal addition of a young child’s chattering.

Mixing a joyful portion of the set whilst getting down to the nitty gritty, the Newcastle lot earned credit where credit’s due.

Whilst Birmingham’s Library burst with life, the band explored broken relationships, violence and rape in their numbers. 'Violence Out Tonight', 'The Blur', 'The Line' and 'The Thickest of Onions' and 'Waiting in Shadows in the Dead of Night' left hallowing depth, yet subtly managed to compliment the brilliant anthems they were placed next to.

Crowd pleasers 'Joanna' and 'One Night in December' set alight the city. 'Electricity' reflected from the glitter on the young gig-goers cheeks as energy bounced off the walls. Mosh pits began to break out in every corner, cueing angry stares from the kids at the front who had probably been queuing since 1pm to secure their place at the barrier.

Ultimate fan favourite 'Dancing Song' however, brought out the rowdy side in everyone. Those old enough and rich enough, to have a pint couldn’t quite hold on for the entire duration, as everybody was swallowed up in the hysteria.

Given time to recover in lowering the tempo softer offerings, 'Bridge Burn' and 'The Coalition of One' demonstrated how hypnotising vocals work with instrumentals without competing against them.

There are gigs that make many rookie errors, whether it’s talking too much between tracks or talking too little. Maybe the feedback is deafening, or the lead singer is off their head.

Little Comets however are true showmen, trusting their instincts in every aspect. Simply mesmerising, they don’t mess around. What you see, is what you get – and sometimes, that’s all you need.

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