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Fresher Sounds - 09/02/2015


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If the Grammy's are anything to go by, not a lot has changed in 2015.

British pop is still making waves across the pond (well the dullest elements of it anyway), Beyonce's album's are once again snubbed and Kanye West reminds everyone exactly why he should not be allowed near an awards show. 

You'd think that it was just business as usual, but 2015 is already a lot more interesting than predictable awards shindigs.

Case in point, this run of new tunes:

Cosmo Stardrake - Tardigrade Song

This quirky track from one-man-band Cosmo Sheldrake perfectly navigates the line between genius and nonsense. Putting himself into the shoes of the microscopic tardigrade, Sheldrake creates a complex, captivating track that connects a plethora of sounds to the song's traditional folk core.

Young Fathers - Rain or Shine

2014’s Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers continue to forge their own unique take on pop. Driven by a booming organ and a pulsating beat, this dark, industrial track is experimental in all the right places but with an infectious pop hook. Album number two looks set to be another masterpiece. 

Towkio – Involved

Chicago rapper Towkio has joined forces with fellow Save Money rapper Vic Mensa for his latest single ‘Involved.’ The pair’s synergy is evident as the slick energetic exchanges mesh perfectly with the funky, synth-led production.

Natalie Mccool - Pins

For her latest single 'Pins', alt-pop songstress Natalie Mccool ditches her guitar in favour of a dark, electronic sound. But her sharp, visceral vocals remain as gripping as ever, amplified by a minimilstic, distorted melody.

Shiners - Karma (Is Coming to Get You)

Shiners are a band with a love for all things retro. Their new single 'Karma' fuses elements of Britpop and new wave (dubbed Britwave by the band), fusing infectious vocals with shimmering, psychedelic riffs.

Kwabs - Perfect Ruin

This fan favourite from London singer Kwabs has been given a rework ahead of his debut album. The song’s soft, piano-led instrumentation allows Kwabs’ soulful, emotive voice and uplifting lyrics to shine, and the artistic video gives the song a beautiful backdrop.

Don Broco - Fire

With their sophomore album on the horizon, Don Broco have unveiled their latest single. Sticking to their proven formula, the band ooze bravado with their characteristic combination of funky rock riffs and huge, hooky choruses.  

SoySauce - Broken Record (Louis The Child Remix)

Electronic production prodigies Louis The Child have completely changed the vibe of SoySauce’s latest track with this chilled out rework. The track is bouncy yet soothing, giving a psychedelic twist to the acclaimed original.

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