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Introducing: All We Are


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It would be cruel to place some music in the confines of a genre, while it has familiar elements its complete whole is not so easily defined. Liverpool’s All We Are produce that kind of sound.

All We Are

Their Soundcloud page carries the description ‘Bee Gee’s on diazepam’ and certainly their music has the groove of disco classics listened to through a woozy, psychedelic, drug-fuelled haze.

Comprised of Guro Gikling (bass, vocals), Luis Santos (guitars) and Richard O'Flynn (drums), the trio met at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, started by Sir Paul McCartney, and have the air of old friends making music together.

Debut single ‘Utmost Good’ established their psyche-disco sound, acting as a solid foundation for funkier grooves in future.

Having made music together for several years, the hypnotising cool sound didn’t come entirely naturally to the laidback group, but has come as the result of a period of experimenting.

The startling thing about their blend of disparate styles is how complete and smooth the whole things sounds and its ability to work nicely as both a dance-floor and late-night chillout music.

Sounding vaguely familiar, their songs act as a delicious combination of distant treasures in musical genres making easy listening.

A reason for the experimenting may be the backgrounds comprising the band. With Irish, Norweigan and Brazilian backgrounds their different heritages have formed to create something entirely fresh.

Most recent single ‘Keep Me Alive’ is one of their most psychedelic efforts from their self-titled full-length album. Casually cool with an underlying disco groove, ‘Keep Me Alive’ is hypnotising in twinkling keys. Echoed harmonies reach a tempting depth and seductive tones kiss infectious beats.

The must be doing something right, as they have been snapped up by uber indie label Domino who is dropping their album on 2nd February.

This release will lead to a string of European dates to take the band’s trippy disco sound to the masses.

A group of three musical magicians with a clear vision of the sound they wish to produce, the three friends are fresh and in turn, refreshing. With tracks for every feeling in every season at any time, All We Are will burrow in your subconscious as an infectious reminder of the creativity of music.

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