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Hear This: KICK - Scars


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It’s quite easy to be placed in one of two categories whilst listening to a song for the first time.


There are those who tend to pay more attention to the lyrics, and those to the sound. With West London’s KICK whichever side you’re on, you’re bound to be pleased.

Latest single 'Scars' takes a storytelling approach, declaring youthful lyrics with a deeper context ‘his father should have told him to just have let go but’.

In parts almost spoken word, vocals are edged with husky tones atop a bouncing yet sleek rhythm. Juxtaposing cleverly structured lyrics, repetitive chords create a sense of euphoria, swirling with energetic beats.

Gradually escalating in intensity as the track progresses, 'Scars' concludes with a moment of instrumentals highlighting the true musicianship possessed by the quartet.

Relatable lyrics, a chorus just itching to be sung along to in a sweaty gig venue, and an all round feel good vibe; 'Scars' is easy on the ear and teasing you to press the ‘repeat’ button.

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