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Interview: Augustines


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With classic rock sensibilities forged from the American states and cities that have housed the band, Augustines possess a unique charm.

So who are Augustines?

Speaking to the band (Billy McCarthy – vocals/guitar, Eric Sanderson - bass, vocals/keys and Rob Allen on drums) they’d describe themselves as, "Three lads trying their hardest to make something of ourselves. To live life and learn from it and to ultimately play music for the rest of our days."

If they had a limitless day, they’d, ‘Fly to the moon. Not many people get to see that.’

And if they could go on a walkabout with anybody they’d choose Miles Davis or Ray Charles.

"I really love hearing stories. I think New Orleans would be a good place to finish." 

2014 bought self titled sophomore album AUGUSTINES, and sent the trio around the world.

Sounds of the countries that they have visited and played, as well as the crowd interaction influenced their musicality from tribal beats to experimental drum rhythms.

"It’s such a powerful thing. We get to see some great cities and towns but we never really have enough time to fully appreciate them. We were recently in Warsaw, a beautiful and impressive city."

A hectic tour schedule has consequently sent whispered suggestions that Augustines are becoming the best live band around.

"The music we make comes from the heart and from life experiences amongst other things. It’s common for us to take what’s around us and use it as creative fuel. So naturally that feeling is there when we play live."

With electrifying festival slots over the summer, the band are ending the year in the UK. 

Augustines soak up the places they visit and cultural influences like a sponge, them squeezing this out into their tunes. This is shown heavily in their music videos showcasing the cities that have given input into the song.

Recently released video for emotive spine-tingler 'Weary Eyes' was shot in Paris because it’s, ‘Cool and has a special energy, Paris seemed like a no brainer to us. We're on a journey, a walkabout so to speak so we felt the landscape would complement the song perfectly.’ 

Having also shot in New York, the north west of the states, while fourth single 'Cruel City' led the band to London. Following a cab driver (who just so happens to be Rob’s dad) driving around the city, the video allows perspective of the 'Cruel City' by those whose job is to know it best. Filmed over a week and directed by Bryan Schlam, complimenting the honesty of the lyrics, together the two are inspiring. 

The single provides raw introspective into both the heart and mind. Front man Billy McCarthy’s distinctive scruffy vocals plead ‘Come on now cruel city, with mourning eyes, come on now cruel city, don’t turn away.’ 

Backed by tribal-like choral shouts of ‘oh’s’ bedded on echoed drum lines, the track is wonderfully anthematic. Folk gruff tones laced with hypnotic hooks make the track easily infectious with catchy loops. 

 As the year draws to a close, the band can look back at their musical journey.

 "I'd be here all night if I went through every thought with you because let me tell you, I've had many. Most are fond thoughts, looking at what we have achieved and how we've done it. The places we've been to, people we've met. But also what we can learn from the past to make the future better."

Cruel City is released December 8th.

AUGUSTINES is out now.

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