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Hear This: Shannon Saunders - Silly Little Things


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You know the drill, posting covers and then originals as YouTube subscribers began to shoot through the roof. But there’s a lot more to this young singer-songwriter.

Despite penning recent release 'Silly Little Things' three years ago as a middle finger up to an ex, the studio version is a million miles away from the original.

Performing an acoustic version of the track to her loyal and ever-growing fan base it became an instant favourite.

The recorded version however is RnB tinted and packed with fearlessly bouncy beats.

Leading with the euphoric vibe of powerful electro-dance tracks, its ultra sleek intro showcases the crisp precision of its production.

Shannon’s effortlessly confident vocals gloss, "I've outgrown you, all of your silly little things, outgrown those silly little games’ before echoing into the distance with elegant grace. Delivering emotive lyrics with conviction, Shannon still manages to remain cool and keep a groove.

With intriguing rhythm mixed with scattered hand clapping, 'Silly Little Things' is fearlessly original and experimental. Energising shots of synth layer infectious hooks with melodic ease creating an almost enchanting atmosphere.

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