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Hear This: Fugazi's original demos


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Fugazi are the greatest punk band ever – hell, they might even be the greatest band ever! 

FugaziThey were forged out of the hardcore and emo trailblazers from the legendary Dischord label – Ian MacKaye changed the hardcore rule book with Minor Threat, while Brendan Canty and Guy Picciotto were classic proponents of the ‘emotional hardcore’ genre (or emo). 

Their music was so much more than punk, sure it had the bite, the energy and the pure power of hardcore but its nuances took in everything from dub to experimental noise – ne minute they sound like straight three-chord punk act the next one that challenges Sonic Youth for their wonderful noise. 

Politically the walked the walk. In the early years they exclusively played benefit gigs for anti-war, women’s organisations, against racism and they made it big while ignoring the major record industry putting out their own music, dealing in their own business. Keeping their prices down for their fans in terms of records, gig prices and merchandise – they showed that success doesn’t need to come at the expense of your young fans. 

Basically in the 80s and 90s Fugazi were one of the most vital bands around (and they still are). 

There’s too much to say about them, to much to hear. So if you’re in anyway a fan of punk or rock music that means something – invest some time in Fugazi. 

The reason I am writing this is that their first Demo Tapes from 1987 have just been given an official release. While they are raw, unfinished and not as good as they would become when re-recorded this is a pivotal band at their rawest and it still sounds amazing! 

Listen to this, then move on to the fully recorded versions and consider your life changed.

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