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Hear This: Pleasure House - Blow My Mind


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Pleasure House

There’s no denying that the whole singing about the trials and tribulations of this generation’s kinda weird dating habits has been covered before.

However, a band who does it with melodic ease is Brum’s Pleasure House.

Despite only forming earlier on in the year quartet Alex Heffernan (lead vocals and guitar), Abbas Shah (lead guitar), Jon Moore (bass) and James Burgess (drums) are exhilarated with confidence on 'Blow My Mind'.

They also manage to do it in a way that isn’t sickening, but instead sleek and fun.

An infectious rhythm accompanied by head nodding beats and a corker of a sing-a-long chorus ‘I want you to blow my mind, blow my mind…’ the track is refreshingly appropriated.

With a groovy hip-wiggling exterior, dive deeper and there’s a hint of a dark underlay just waiting to be discovered.

Frontman Heffernan’s distinguishable edgy tone lifts intelligent vocals set on a bed of hypnotic instrumentals laced with pop sensibilities. Bursting with energy from every direction, the powerful track dips, dives and peaks in all the right places. 

Produced to perfection, Pleasure House could easily be the next most exciting thing to come from Birmingham. And that’s even including the delicious street food in the race for that title.

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