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Six music videos that are so bad they'll make your brain hurt


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Russian Backstreet BoysOK, so most music videos are awful – why is that singer in her pants in a field, and now on a giant ice-cream? Who knows? Who cares?

But we like to raise (or lower, depending which way to look at it) the bar for the things we share.

Prepare yourself for full on sense-confusion. Your eyes and ears won’t be able to fully process everything that is going on!

Watch and learn (cry, laugh, convulse):

Disclaimer – what you see cannot be un-seen, think before you view!


Jan Terri is a bit of a US musical institution. Marilyn Manson is a huge fan, and every one trusts his taste – right?



This is what I assume Abba would look like after A LOT of acid. It’s so bad that they seem to have opened up a black hole into time and space, or something. Who knows, I can’t really think straight!



There’s something endearing about Birmingham rapper D4NNY, people leave him – listen to his song ‘Goodbye’ – it’s a sad ode to love and loss. The UK Urban scene has definitely been lacking a whispering, lisping Brummy rapper who likes hills and cafes. Well, not any more...


Imagine the Backstreet Boys were from the Eastern Bloc, never had a stylist and only had a Casio keyboard to hand. You can’t? Oh well, let us help.


Is this what Dancehall sounds like without autotune?


There are some inexplainable things on this planet. The Bermuda Triangle. Jack the Ripper etc. And the music of R.A.E.D – the man with his own totally original sound. This is what I imagine the voices of hell might sound like....

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