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Interview: Morain


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Morain are a band with a very bright future ahead of them.

After turning heads in 2012 with a promising debut album, the band are set to return stronger than ever with their latest EP Worlds Apart.

But as TNS sit down with vocalist Wil Frost, it begins to emerge that things haven’t been as rosy as the band's ambitious exterior might suggest: "We were a bit worried coming into this release actually," he confesses. 

"Our debut EP 'Are We Lost' came out in 2012, and we were active as a band in 2013 and did some really cool things, but we didn’t have time to put any new music out. So when it came to the start of this year we were very self-conscious about whether the fans we gained from the EP would still be interested in the band."

But the band’s latest single ‘Who Would’ve Known’ alleviated any concerns and was met with universal approval, allowing the band to approach the rest of 2014 with renewed optimism: "The reaction to the first single has been incredible, and it’s the most positive response we’ve ever received from a release. I couldn’t ask for anything more really."

 A modest tour with fellow up-and-comers Alexander followed the single release, as the band began to build some momentum for the year.

"It was nice to get back out on the road again,reveals Frost. "Every show was good and we had good turnouts. It was nice to be on the road with four guys who share our work ethic and passion. It was really a week full of laughs and having a good time."

With the tour finished, the band continued to build up to the release of Worlds Apart, which hasn’t been an easy task for Frost, especially given the EP had to be funded by the band themselves:

"Money has definitely been an issue for us. There’s always something to pay for, and when you’re self-releasing it’s got to come out of your own pocket. It also puts a cap on what you can afford to do for a release.’

But the band see it as a necessary challenge and a stepping stone to bigger things: "The whole point of investing all this money now is so that in the long run we’ll find the right label and sign a deal with them. We knew then that we had to make this investment in order to reach that point in our career."

As the interview develops, Frost’s positive approach to the challenges and setbacks the band encounters becomes apparent, and it’s certainly something that has carried over into the lyrics on Worlds Apart. The album address the idea of loss, yet approaches it in a particularly positive manner:  ‘It’s about the feeling of having a constant in your life, be that a partner, job or family member, and exploring the effect of having that taken away.’

Elaborating, he continues: "For me personally it’s about the breakup of a relationship, it got to the point in my life where I realised it’s not worth moping around and feeling down. Even though you might be hurting you should just get up and push forward. There’s so much to do in the word and so much to see."

Given Frost’s positive and uplifting message, it is fitting that the band's instrumentation mirrors his approach. The band have developed a  stadium pop sound that displays a maturity beyond their years. Yet a lot of this is owed to the experience of recording their debut Are We Lost:

"We spent a lot of time on our first EP, and we found the sound we wanted and discovered the type of band we wanted to be. Because we got to that point so early, we could build and develop our sound. In my opinion it’s a bigger version of Are We Lost, with better songs, better production and better overall execution."

If Are We Lost was the EP that defined Morain’s sound, Worlds Apart is the album that sees the band begin to build on that blueprint, and set the band on the road to achieving the success they deserve.

The band’s path thus far hasn’t been without challenges, but with their relentless optimism and never-say-die attitude , you wouldn’t bet against Morain turning 2014 into their biggest year yet. 

Morain's New EP Worlds Apart is out 21st April. 

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