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Interview: Vance Joy


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Vance Joy could soon join the ranks of Australian artists who’ve found international success if his debut EP is anything to go by.
Vance JoyAfter being released last year, God Loves You When You’re Dancing gained instant success down under.
The hype has made its way over to the UK and should be the sound to everyone’s summer.
We caught up with the rising Antipodean pop sensation for a chat.
First of all, massive congratulations on the success of God Loves You When You’re Dancing and especially single 'Riptide'. How was the EP to produce and what did you expect when you put it out?
The EP was quick in production. We spent a week on the four tracks besides 'Riptide' - which was recorded a couple of months earlier. My expectations were modest.

You’ve toured a lot, whether it is support slots or a headline show, what can a crowd expect from hearing one of your sets? What do you head out to create on stage? I like the idea of creating a mood - no one knows how to make a mood happen it just exists - I think I’m misquoting Jerry Seinfeld on that.

You mentioned before that 'Riptide' was a set of images that you managed to create into a song, is this similar with all songs on the EP? Or was inspiration drawn elsewhere? It is probably unique in that sense - it has the broadest range of random shit going on. However I think that reaching widely can get you the flavours you need for a song.

I’ve noticed recently you’re having a lot of radio play and exposure of your music, and you’ve announced a full UK tour for later this year. Have you noticed the change and does it bring anything with it?
I think that having a song on the radio opens a bunch of doors for an artist - people recognise the song and lend their ears to you for 40 minutes.

Where did the name Vance Joy come from? It’s very memorable. It is a name from a book called Bliss by Peter Carey - I have borrowed the name from the book. I love his books.

You have a law degree but then decided to follow the music route, how did this start out and expand? I was always into music. It was a bigger part of my life than law was. It sparked me up more that my studies - I kept studying and finished my degree but once I saw the end approaching I knew that music was what I wanted to commit myself to next.

What can we expect from the summer, and of course the upcoming album? Good songs and we’ll be playing all over the shop.

Have you faced any challenges with the music scene? And is there anything about the music industry that you’d change if you could? Sure, I think when you care about something that much it is bound to cause you stress every now and then. I don’t know what I would change - I haven’t thought much about that. ‘It is what it is’ is my life motto.

And on the other side of the coin, what’s been the highlight so far? Probably spending time with mates who live in some of the places I’ve toured around- they breathe some life into you and change up the chemistry of the group.

Thank you for answering these questions! To end with, what was your first record and what are you listening to a lot right now? First record - Savage Garden.

Now- Bob Dylan - Bootlegs

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