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Album Review: Blitz Kids- The Good Youth


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Blitz Kids fans rejoice! At long last the Cheshire four-piece have released their second studio album The Good Youth after signing to Red Bull Records in 2013. But is the record a sophomore slump?

Not even close. There simply is no comparison between The Good Youth and their debut, Vagrants and Vagabonds.

The album marks a continuation of the renaissance the band have enjoyed since beginning work with producer John Feldman.

Musically it’s their most exciting release yet. It combines dramatic flamboyance with tight, technical songwriting on an album full of radio-ready rock songs.

The album’s three singles, 'On My Own', 'Sometimes' and 'Run For Cover', epitomise thier new sound, with fast paced dance rock tracks backed up with stadium sized choruses.

The band slow things down slightly with 'Sold My Soul', a bouncy track filled with showy instrumentals and a devilishly catchy chorus. The vocal performance of front-man Joe James, consistently impressive throughout the album, has a real rock and roll swagger to it.

But when the band begin to experiment the album really begins to shine. The rousing album centrepiece 'Keep Swinging' is ambitious in its grandiose sound, but it emphatically delivers and is the strongest song on the album. Expect to hear this song soundtracking inspirational sports montages for the considerable future.

Although it’s not a perfect album, the band rarely miss the mark throughout.

In The Good Youth, Blitz Kids have the perfect cure for the January blues. The bar for British rock has been set very high this year from a band set to be the genre’s poster boys. 



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