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10 albums to help you study


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Music to study toIt's a new year and many of us will have made the resolution to 'study harder'. 

For those out there cramming for their remaining mid-terms, with coursework deadlines creeping eerily closer, or even tactically studying for the summer ahead, here’s a list of down-tempo and easy-listening albums to give you the assistance and inspiration to help you along the way.


Brian Eno - Music for Airports (1978)

Pure ambience and intricately crafted emptiness. Originally created to help sooth scared passengers before flying. Monotonous to some and beautiful to others; nonetheless, if it is your bag this will definitely sooth the academic turmoil of coursework and exams during the following months.


M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (2011)

Dream-pop at its best that plays between downbeat acoustics and epic, atmospheric build-ups, both often backed with a helping of rich, welcoming synths. The album’s intro featured in The Art of Flight (2011) and, more notably, 'Midnight City' soundtracks UK reality drama Made in Chelsea. Inspiring.

Peter Broderick - (2011)

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick takes his listeners on a pensive journey with his URL titled album. Aside from all your hard studying it’s worth taking this album to pieces, both melodically and lyrically. Alternatively, at face-value, it’s one hell of an ear-pleaser.


Groove Armada – Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (2001)

'Suntoucher' sets the album to a groovy and welcoming start, whilst the album’s UK Top 40 hit ‘Superstylinmight give you more of a kick-start if you’re worried you’re slacking. A great collection of catchy tunes alongside groovy beats. Easy-listening at its best.

JMSN – Pllaje (2013)

JMSN (pronounced Jameson) approaches R&B in a darker and more alternative fashion. Taking the quintessential snappy percussion and bass-orientated nature of the genre, he then develops his work into a more meaningful and deeper sounding spin-off to the more commercial sound his work stems from.

Bonobo – Black Sands (2010)

The gem that soared far ahead of his two albums prior. British producer Simon Green, aka Bonobo, works trip-hop around an almost oriental feel. Every track flows comfortably from the previous and welcomes the next.

Death Cab For Cutie – Plans (2005)

Often also known for lead vocals in The Postal Service, Ben Gibbard’s distinctive voice prevails onto his work with Death Cab For Cutie. Whilst their other work also deserves praise, Plans is an album with great entity as a whole. ‘Brothers on a Hotel Bed’ is the jewel in this crown. Seek it out.

Air – Moon Safari (1998)

Award-winning and known as a classic from the 90s. Rolling Stone magazine rated it at #65 in their Top 100 French Rock albums. If you’ve never heard Air before then this is a great place to start. The French duo encompasses their playful lyrics around prominent bass-riffs and naturally flowing jazz piano.


Guts – Paradise For All (2011)

Whilst maintaining his hip-hop base, the Parisian born DJ and producer compliments several accompanying genres through his ska, swing and jazz samples. He’s not a prodigy, but certainly knows how to make a fetching and aesthetically pleasing beat that'll keep you motivated and focused.


Zero 7 – The Garden (2006)

There’s the old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and this applies perfectly with all of Zero 7’s work; The Garden doesn’t provide a new dynamic, but simply more of what their listeners know from their two award-winning albums prior. Both the previous albums were acclaimed for their featured down-beat vocalists such as Sia Furler and what can be said to be the most intriguing dimension to The Garden is the very welcomed collaboration with Jose Gonzalez. Through both his gentle vocals and Zero 7’s rich, easy melodies, you’ll no doubt soon be in a studying state of mind.

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