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Album Review: We Are Fiction - One For Sorrow


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We Are Fiction are creating quite the buzz. The Peterborough five-piece play hook-filled, heavy rock packed with pop nuances. With the band already benefiting from extensive radio and press coverage,  their debut album One For Sorrow will be met with anticipation and high expectations.

'Bright Lights' is an early highlight. An aggressive, angry introduction quickly fades into a bouncy pop rock song, with the catchy, upbeat riffs granting the song a memorable impact, and the sing along ending will surely prove popular in a live setting.

'My Dreams Are Haunted' stands out for its powerful, emotive desperation. Instrumentally it is the band’s most impressive song, with the band building a slow, sad riff into an agressive, driven and angsty chorus

'Sail On' is a song of contrasts. Lyrically, melancholia is contrasted with an upbeat determination, much in the way that a slow, downbeat introduction is set at odds with a hook filled chorus and the rousing chanting at the songs end. Here, the combination of Marc Kucharski’s  fragile vocals and Phil Barker’s shouted vocals are at their best, created a diverse and layered song.

 'The Worst of It' shows the band at their catchiest, with a bouncy beat complimenting the understated pop rock riffs. It is an optimistic, fun song, and the bands ethos is aptly summed up by the band as they chant ‘Try and smile through the worst of it’

Comparisons to early We Are The Ocean or Alexisonfire are easy, but they would do the band an injustice. The band show a nod to their predecessors, but throughout One for Sorrow they craft their own idiosyncratic and diverse sound.

We Are Fiction are one of 2013s breakout bands with a superlative debut that has announced them as a force in UK rock.  

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