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Album review: Satelliti - Transistor


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Freeform duo Satelliti exist in that weird space that old sci-fi lives in – they appear old and futuristic in the same moment.

Satelliti - TransistorNew record Transister creates a jazzy concoction of disparate elements, the futurist sci-fi sounds of Raymond Scott’s electronic experiments and Joe Meek’s ‘Telstar’ combine with the kinetic, rocked-up electro-metal fury of DFA1979. The chops and changes recollect Bitches Brew-era Miles Davies.

On paper this sounds like an unholy mess, but it all works.

Marco and Andrea started jamming together in 2010, their recorded work is forged from improvised session made real. The addition of electronics sees a release with beats for dancing, surging noise for head-banging and ambient moments for contemplation.

This new music is a step away from the space-echo ambience heard on 2011 debut, Im Magen des Kosmos, maintaining its avant garde edge but offering a more appealing level of cross over potential.

Transister is the aural attack following the debut’s foreboding, sinister threat of something happening, the delivery on the threat.

Experimental, heavy and indefinably eclectic this is not pop-fodder but music of the mind.

It is worth a journey into the dark cosmos of Satelliti.

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