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Album Review: The First- Take Courage


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In 2013, there has been no real breakout act in British rock. With their new album Take Courage, The First have made an album that could see them follow in the footsteps of Mallory Knox and become one of the year’s big surprises.

The First

The band open on an infectious note with 'There’s no place like home' a bouncy rock number that combines a hook-filled chorus with fast paced verses teeming with punk ferocity.

'Dare I Say I ruined everything' develops in a similar vein, with wailing riffs and gang vocals giving it the archetypal bravado that is so typical of the band.

However, songs such as 'Start Again' and 'Monster' struggle to stand out and at times flirt with clichéd formulaic rock.

But when placed next to heavy hitters such as 'Shark Attack' any song would struggle. Here the band has shown their ability to write songs that combine aggression and charm in equal measure. Similarly, the epic, uplifting nature of Take Courage sees the band comfortably master a sound outside of their comfort zone.

An undoubted highlight of the album comes in the form of 'Love Regret Forgive Forget'. It is a bouncy, hook ridden track reminiscent of Mirrors era Young Guns, showing a rough edge that compliments the dark atmosphere of the song.

In Take Courage, The First have done more than enough to be seen as one of the year’s standout rock bands. It is an album that has seen the band really develop and refine their sound. Should the band continue to develop in this vein, a bright future will surely await The First. 

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